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Le Corsaire

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Le Corsaire is one of my favorite ballets. I am trying to identify all the composers responsible for the music in the ABT's and Kirov's productions, so I need some help.

Let's begin with the ABT's version. In act I there are 4 fragments: the Introduction, the opening dance from Act I, the entry of the slave girls and the entry of Conrad - who are the composers of these fragments?

Then we have the two dances of Medora - unknown composer. After that - the re-orchestrated Corsairs' Bacchanal (Adam) and the added coda (maybe by Pugni???)

In Act II the Pirates' Dance in mazurca tempo is by Pugni or someone else? And then there is a variation for Conrad (in the Kirov version it is part of the pas de deux a trois and is performed after the Medora's variation) - the composer is Drigo, Pugni or maybe Minkus ???

And finally the composers ot the two variations for Gulnara and Medora from Le Jardin Anime: I think the first is by Pugni, and the second is by Minkus or Drigo. (The variation of Medora in the Kirov production is composed by Prince Trubetskoi).

Finally, I have trouble with 5 fragments from the Kirov version: the corsairs' melody from the final of Act 1, scene 1 (repeated in the corsairs cave), the palestinian and the alregian dances from the Slave Market scene, and the dance of the corsairs and the entry of Conrad from the Corsairs' Cave act.

I will be very grateful if anyone could tell me who are the composers of all these fragments and dances

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