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Bossov Ballet

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Carbro suggested I post about the ballets the kids and I see. Here's the latest. Bossov Ballet celebrated their 10-year anniversary this past week with a gala performance. DD was in the performance so we didn't watch it together per se. DS was with my husband and I though. After the performance he asked if next time he could come early (during warm-up) with his sister so he could "feel the whole thing".

DD was in the Dream Scene from Sleeping Beauty and the girls did well particularly with knowing a ballet critic, Nina Alovert, was in the audience. I especially enjoyed Andrei Bossov's choreography. "Maple Leaf Rag" was light hearted and fun to watch. My husband (who should have persued dance) really connected with the dancer and the choreography and said "That could have been me." "Bolero" blew me away. The choreography builds right along to the music until the dancers are ripping the pins out of their hair and dancing wildly. Talk about "whipping up the audience." All typical ballet comportment (a nifty word I picked up on this site) escaped me and I was screaming almost as much as clapping. During the intermission I wanted to tell everybody those are High School girls, but that was already in the program. "A Few Ballroom Dances" was funny, poignant, and powerful. Mr. Bossov danced in this piece. At the end he was alone on stage, dancing even after the story's dance hall had closed, oblivious to not having a partner. It was so perfect to see Mr. Bossov living just for the dance. Again I was screaming and clapping but also crying because of the knowledge that my children can train under this man.

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Thanks, vicarious, for your responses to this performance. It sounds impressive and uplifting. I can identify with your experience of being carrried away with emotion at the way human beings can learn to move so beautifully, individually and together. in ballet. And, when you've actually tried it, it becomes even more impressive to see it done well.

For those Ballet Talkers who may not be familiar with the Bossov school and company, here's a LINK:


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"DD" = Dancing Daughter.

Have you seen our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers? It is for everyone who works on the other side of the curtain. (This board is more geared towards the audience). There are forums for dancers of all ages (above 13) and all levels. You'll also find a link at the top, right-hand corner of the page.

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