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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in Denver

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There seem to be so many ideas of what does and does not constitute "ballet." For instance, I'd call Paul Taylor's work "dances" (even that seems so very general). But some of Taylor's pieces (Arden Court, for instance) are more balletic in technique and format than others, and are danced by standard ballet companies.

I was almost about to say that "Ballets Africains" (which will be here, too) is francophone, so the term "ballet" is more natural to them. But French-speakers also have the word "danse." From what I've read, I don't think Ballets Africains have a ballet-based technique. Perhaps they're trying to benefit from the cultural cachet attached to the word ballet.

Perhaps we should have a separate thread to discuss this, because -- as carbro suggests -- the question of what to call (or how to market) the Bourne Swan Lake is a rather different topic.

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