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  1. Truly sorry to see her go... would love to read reviews of the final performance, if anyone gets to see it. I applaud her incomparable career, and am thankful for all that she gave for all these years; this is sad , but certainly well deserved. Great job, and good luck!
  2. Hey Fandango! ...well, I know we're way past this, time-wise... but it's been busy. Here we go... for me personally, it's a combination of serious passion for theatre (this is definitely theatre meets ballet), an even deeper devotion to ballet, and I'm a big fan of the triumvirate that put this together (Michael Pink/Philip Feeney and Lez Brotherston), I love most of CB's dancers, and the story... ahhh the story. It is taken almost metaphorically verbatim from the novel by Bram Stoker. They stayed very true to the 'written word', when it was created. It is all about the experience... the
  3. Does anyone know when these go on sale? I want to head out to see both of them. What a great opportunity! Can't be missed.
  4. So sad to hear this news... she is very good, one of my favorites. Thanks for posting this, Helene.
  5. -no, the last time it was done (04-05) it was recorded. I have the rehearsal CD - although for the life of me I can't figure out why, it's not really anything pleasant to listen to what with the knocking and screaming and everything - really it's just not the same without the count in your face. Just crawled up off the floor, fell off my chair laughing at that... VERY funny... I wonder if he'd appreciate that one. I certainly did. --I saw two shows, the second on Saturday night, it was not as good as Thursday (opening night)... everyone was a bit off, but still, I was glad to see it.
  6. They've done it again... and it's still as great as it ever was. Colorado Ballet's opening night for Dracula was great - everyone was excited, there was an electric tension in the air, and fog on the stage... and for the first time in a very long time, an orchestra playing the score - which improved the production immensely! It still gives me such a thrill. I've seen Dracula many times, but this was my favorite. John Henry Reid portrayed the evil Count Dracula, and even though it was his first time as the vampire... he did an excellent job. It is not, however, his first time as the bad gu
  7. "Gil Boggs passed in front of me when I was walking to the lobby during intermission. I resisted the urge to yell "fore!"." You're killing me, that's so funny. It was the first time Maria and Igor made me cry in all the years I've watched them. It was a very powerful performance, and demanding... but my every expectation was surpassed. You're right about Igor maturing too... and Maria, as well. The last time I saw them do this ballet, they were not this good. All around, one of their best ever. They've come a long way... and it shows.
  8. Perhaps my last missive was a bit strongly worded... I agree Fandango, I too will continue to support it as much as I can, and I too wish to see it grow and become one of the best companies in the nation. Perhaps that will happen under Gil's direction. Thanks for the positive direction, I can get overly focused on situations sometimes Let's keep it going. Golden Gate
  9. Good point about not wishing for the demise of the company... no one wants that, but this company has been through some staggering blows that seem endless... perhaps it will have an opportunity to heal now - one would hope, for the dancers and for the benefit of the community. I just don't see that happening, however. The board is mostly made up of people who have money but not a passion for dance, or a good working knowledge of it (much to my chagrin) and they frequently make poor decisions, in my humble opinion. The executive staff running the company are partly well educated in dance and
  10. As if there weren't enough changes in this company over the last two years (+), things are still evolving... but who's to say in what direction. Jocelyn Labsan and Andrew Thompson have been fired from Colorado Ballet (see Marc Shulgolds article in the Rocky Mountain News, and both Marc and Kyle MacMillan (denver post) will be posting articles regarding this in their respective Sunday papers). Both Labsan and Thompson worked under previous Artistic Director Martin Fredmann for 18 years at CB. Jocelyn and Andrew both danced, and then Jocelyn became asst. AD and was a core essential of the
  11. Oberon, I agree completely. I think that it's more 'production specific'... the rules change according to the show. This subject came up recently with Colorado Ballet's triple bill 'Choreographers Showcase'. The three productions were very well received by every audience that saw them; the first was Paul Taylors 'Company B', and the last was Twyla Tharp's 'Nine Sinatra Songs'... and during both of those the audience was whipped into a screaming pitch by the time the curtain fell - and had clapped and yelled continuously during, and the dancers loved it. However - the second piece was des
  12. Hi You! It's going to be interesting to see what Gil Boggs puts in for the third piece in Dance Creations - they just have the two choreographers right now, and it's a triple bill... so we'll see. It's going to be one not to miss with Darrell and Jessica though! Golden Gate
  13. I have been glued to this monitor for several minutes now... laughing, reminiscing, agreeing, disagreeing, taking notes and adding to the ever-growing 'oh I have to see that' list... as the worlds most hopeless romantic, however... I can't leave without adding my favs too - a good deal of which were already mentioned. ...in no particular order It happened one night Chocolat Bringing up baby Casablanca GWTW Bed of Roses Meet Joe Black (a double romance, two different guys same body) The Notebook The King and I (Kerr/Brenner, just kills me every single time) Anna and the King (Foster
  14. ...ha ha ha... oops. Forgot to mention I am staying with a friend who danced at CB. No hotels. I will definitely do my best to take copious notes to report as soon as I am back! Golden Gate
  15. I'm heading off to London and Paris April 2nd; it'll be a nice trip (10 days), but I'm going specifically to see POB do Nureyev's La Bayadere... can't wait. Very excited! I will have to post details after I get back. The round trip airfare was $707.
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