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Favourite Pas de Trois Variation


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I love the music of the first one and the fact that it is so buoyant and happy with the brises. But my favourite variation is the third one because of its music, the turns and the skill required.

It does seem the most difficult of the three to me too(and I like it best) but I have to condition that statement since I have no ballet training at all. Possibly a dancer might fiind one of the other two more difficult.

Still, to my non-technical mind I would assume that they would be arranged in order of difficulty but I could be all wet.



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Well, how difficult one finds a variation depends on one's strengths. I imagine Gillian Murphy and Michele Wiles pretty much breeze through that third variation, whereas they might have more trouble with the petit allegro of the first variation.

Just so the second variation isn't neglected :D I love watching Ayupova perform it on the Kirov in London tape.

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All of the variations are equally hard in different ways.

The first: so many brises! And actually making it look good with the quick changes of directions.

The second: The fast tempo and quick movements plus all the balances en pointe.

The third: Six lots of turns going one way then suddenly eight more going the other way!

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They are all to the right but there is a change of direction therefore you are going the other way. I said nothing about which leg they were on.

The pirouettes from fourth are going from OPU to Prompt D and the tombet coupe pirouettes (or "lame ducks") are going from Prompt U to OPD. So you are going the other way.

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