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Tickets / Moscow Ballet Competition

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Can anyone (on Moscow side) suggest ways (other than the tour agency organizing group tours) to buy tickets for the Competition

June 20-30, that (I think) takes place at the small stage-New Hall- of the Bolshoi Theatre?

The Bolshoi calender for June lists the fourteen sessions but you can't click on them to order tickets as can be done for the ballets and operas.

An email to the Bolshoi was answered with an automatic message that said in effect to order the

tickets on the Bolshoi web site. I would like to do that, but I can't.

The tickets through the tour group seem overpriced: opening night $220 per ticket, closing night

$250 per ticket. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Tomorrow very early, I'll try calling the box office.

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Thanks Carbro for bringing up the thread on negotiating for tickets. I appreciate your help.

I had contributed to that thread with my experience with buying tickets for the Bolshoi

last June, which I found easy and safe and fair-- without the huge markups hotels charge for their ticket services.

What I can't find out is what box office, besides the tourist tour agencies, sells Competition

(14 sessions) tickets.

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I finally managed to book tickets for the Xth International Ballet Competition in Moscow

by telephone. I found numbers for the cash departments of the Bolshoi Theater and the Moscow

Musical Society on the web page of the International Ballet Competition, by selecting from the menu 'The Schedule of Competition'. [Cash departments means just that: cash only]

They're holding my tickets until the morning of the 20th,

when I'm going (with cash) to pick them up.

The numbers are: +7 (095) 251-05-01 and +7 (095) 248-34-94.

I dialed the first one which is for The Moscow Musical Society. A kind lady from the office

next door translated for me. Maybe in the Bolshoi cash box (the second number) they have English speakers.

On July 1 there is a Gala evening at the big theater with the competition laureates.

That makes a total of 15 tickets for all the rounds and sessions of the competition

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