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Problems in Bordeaux


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Acording to that article, the director of the Ballet de Bordeaux, Charles Jude, is being accused of moral harassment at the tribunal de Bordeaux by the company soloist Hélène Ballon. She used to be his girlfriend, and accuses him of having been cast far less after their separation, and having been threatened of firing.

Another company dancer, Christelle Lara, also accused Jude;

(Actually translating the article is not easy for me because I don't know the appropriate law terms in English).

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Thanks for posting about this Estelle, and I hope you'll keep us informed. I can't think of another case that got to court. One worries what will happen to the company -- it had an interesting repertory under Jude. (Of course, he may well continue as director.)

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It's a pity to talk about Charles Jude in terms of trial and justice problems...

He was a great dancer and a spiritual son of Nureyev. I went to Bordeaux several times to see ballets and the theatre's repertory was interesting, as you said, although the company is not, according to my mind, as good as Marseille's for instance. I hope, despite this "vaudeville" situation, he will continue as a director.

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I went to Bordeaux too to see some ballet programs (probably not the same as you, Sophia, as it included some Balanchine ;-) ) and indeed Jude's programming was interesting. Let's see what will happen in court.

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