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Season Past

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For NYCB's just-passed season (including the D.C. viewers!) what are the events or moments you keep returning to? Any extra-special performances? Do you regret missing something?

One disappointment for me was seeing Alexandra Ansanelli only twice, both times in roles that did not showcase her particularly well -- Sanguinic in The Four Temperaments, and the female lead in the second act of Double Feature. Another disappointment was missing Teresa Reichlen's Rubies. She debuted so promisingly last spring, and based on the progress she made as the Choleric woman in 4T's, and also the reports here from those who'd seen her Rubies this winter, she must have been truly sensational.

High points included Ashley Bouder in Ballo della Regina and Stars and Stripes. Carla Korbes made Concerto for Two Solo Pianos worth watching. A transcendent performance in another ballet I don't really like was Peter Boal's Prodigal Son. (I would have liked to have seen more of Peter.)

Wendy Whelan elevated everything she danced to the level of major event, especially when partnered by Jock Soto.

Janie Taylor's turning Afternoon of a Faun into a cousin of Giselle, with her there-but-not-there quality.

Darci (with Nilas) giving the most focused and fully realized performance I've seen from her in years in Orpheus.

The earthy joy of Melissa Barak and Edwaard Liang leading the Hungarian part of Cortege Hongrois, and Barak again (with Kyle Froman) in the second Theme of 4T's.

The corps, on the whole, looked even better than they did last season.

Disappointments? Only two of note for me: Janie Taylor's bland debut in Square Dance, which I expect to improve as she settles into the role; and Darci's Terpsichore, which was nowhere near the level of her Eurydice.

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The season that Chris Wheeldon's work, as a body (Liturgy, After the Rain, Shambards, Polyphonia, Carnival of the Animals) , took its place in the company's repertory as a decided counterpoint to that of Balanchine, Robbins and Martins and as affecting the character of the company. Wendy Whelan and Jock Soto quite astonishing in so much of Wheeldon's opus.

Carbro I disagree about Janie Taylor being anyhow bland in Square Dance. She has quietly become a finished classical dancer, one of the most fascinating and beautiful to watch of her generation. So Blond but such a Sylph. The wildness is under control - It's become merely the extraordinary color which characterizes her dancing. Her suddenly maturing, after last Spring's absence, was more unpredictable and as much of a gift as Bouder's continued development. Taylor is the other big news of last Season.

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