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Celebrate Balanchine


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Hi Doug,

sorry, was not able (yet) to go and see the programme.

German reviews (among others in www.tanznetz.de) were friendly - stating that this is quite a demanding triple bill without any "blockbusters", but more like a "gourmet menu". I do know the ballets (and so do you, I bet) and could not agree more.

Audience reception was described as very friendly, but not as enthusiastically as with the full length story telling ballets.

Praise was especially given to Douglas Lee's performance as Apollo.

Horst Koegler noted after the premiere that some polishing of the lines was still necessary - in his second review, about 10 days (don't know how many performances) later he found that already improved.

Sorry, not an awful lot of information :D


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Thanks much for the info. "Demanding" was the sentiment of at least one of the performers also made especially so by the relatively short prep time. She said it was a great deal of fun as well.

Thanks again...Doug.

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thanks for your reply! Well, since there (finally) is the German speaking forum www.tanznetz.de, there is a special section published by Horst Koegler in which he writes his thoughts and comments. Since he lives in Stuttgart (or nearby), I think he visits almost every performance.

For Stuttgart Ballet, there are indeed often reviews of several performances, especially of different casts which I think is great - very often, only first cast gets a review...


thanks for the "inside information" regarding the very short rehearsal time - hope dd did enjoy the performances nevertheless - and that she gets a well deserved break!

I do hope to go to Stuttgart for the "double" performance on 9 October - although I am a bit unsure if six times Balanchine a day won't be a bit too much (especially since good tickets are not that cheap...). Anyway, I hope to see Douglas Lee as Apollo!!

Maybe I'll combine it with Lulu on 8 October - very unsure about that ballet, though...

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Sonja...I have no casting details at present. In a more general sense, the Balanchine performance will look, cast wise, much like last year because of complexity and short time until first performance. I will try to get whatever details I can tomorrow afternoon.

It is wonderful to be hearing from Germany so soon in the year and hope to see your posts as often as circumstance allows.

I do wish the Stuttgart Ballet would stay a bit more current as regards their web site content though. The site has collected some dust I am afraid.


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Hi Doug,

cast for Lulu is (finally) on Stuttgart website - so there seems to be someone updating it!


Regarding Balanchine, you're probably right - it's so complex, there are not many choices... my main interest is in Apollo anyway for this ballet (in my opinion) depends quite a lot on the cast, whether it looks a bit old fashioned or timeless... Will see (and will also try to spot dd in the performances!)...

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