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Housekeeping note on where to put things!

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There was some confusion this morning, as someone who hadn't seen this forum kindly put up in Recent Performances a call for reviews. We'd like to keep all the reviews together for easy reference. We'd also ask that you start a new thread for each program; it makes it easier to have a discussion that way, so we don't have two conversations going on on the same sofa, as it were.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading lots of reviews. Pro or con, fiesta or siesta, please weigh in.

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Alexandra I get the strong feeling you are talking about my posting for Wednesday night performance. I was writing my post I guess during the exact same time eabook wrote his/her new topic about the second program. It was only after I finish mines did I become aware of it. I couldn't figure out how to change my post to go under eabook topic. Thanks for redirecting it to the right place. :D

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GeorgeB, please don't worry about it. Thank you, but it happens all the time, for the very good reason you stated, and often, too, because the appropriate thread has slipped down the list and someone doesn't see it. We will move things around, and hope people won't be upset by that, and we wanted to head things off at the pass!!! (Someone else had, quite understandably, posted in the Recent Performances forum because of the post there.)

Thanks to everyone for writing -- wherever it is!!

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