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2004-2005 season -- discussion


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Geesh: Sorry, Alexandra, I totally missed this thread.

I threw in my inevitable 2 cents a while ago, but to summarize:

I'm most excited to see the Robbins and whatever Chris Stowell and Yuri Possokhov cook up. Not familiar with the Czarny: looking forward to it.

Re: Swan Lake Act III (The Ballroom) While I understand the "approaching a major story ballet by performing one act" theory, unless Stowell has raided SFB or PNB and hired a lot of dancers (and where exactly would the money come for that?) I don't find this sort of thing tantalizing. I'll enjoy it, but a fragment is never satisfying. A swan-less lake?

Nutcracker a la Mr. B...not my favorite, but without it, there's no OBT. Hope it sells well. Already have received a nice Nutcracker brochure: happy to see the recorded performances have dwindled to only two. That's a big step in the right direction. OBT must have received some money in its live music fund.

Disappointments: I'm not a big fan of Stowell Senior, though I'll admit to having seen only a half dozen of his pieces. Of all the Balanchine available, Concerto Barroco would have been half way down my personal list for this company. Keep in mind: OBT is still very thin at the top. Apollo or Agon a much better choice.

Then there's the repeat of Company B. Isn't the second season a little soon to be nostalgic for the first season?

As I said before, I appreciate all the thought and budgetary woe that goes into shaping a season. If I knew the hard facts that OBT has to deal with, I might not have come up with a better season myself. (Though Company B's dead bodies would have been over my dead body.)

To end on a positive note: last season OBT was filled with wonderful suprises all year long: in performance, choreography and programming; I am hoping for more of the same this season.

See you at the Park Blocks,


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In theory, your point is excellent, Leigh. But this past season's Rubies and Serenade showed how far from having a corps ready to handle even Concerto Barrocco OBT is. Maybe if they are able to hire well and get especially good coaching from an undistracted Balanchine repetituer they might pull it off.

I'd like nothing better than to eat my words.

On the other hand, some of the leading dancers are showing some real sparks of brilliance. I would love to see them take on the Four Temperments. Gavin, Yuka, Kathi & Allison with Kester, Paul, Artur and Matthew...could be very exciting.

I have an idea: drop Company B and do both!



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