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I just got the 04-05 lineup for our local performing arts venue. There's a huge number of shows I want to see this year! I am so excited! We usually get some pretty good shows, but this year is really really good. I want to go to more than I can afford. There are a few I am not sure about, though. So some reviews would really be helpful.

New Disney musical- On The Record

Tripple Espresso- A highly caffinated comedy

The King and I (A classic, I know, but is it worth the $$?)

contact (I think this is one I will go to for sure, but I'd like some reviews anyway)

Smokey Joe's Cafe

Lord of the Dance (as good as Riverdance? I just saw that and LOVED it!)

Barrage- Vagabond Tales

Aquila Theater in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (a 'contemporary production' ??)

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (comics from 'Whose line is it anyway? I want to go, but the tickets are really expensive!)

Trinity Irish Dance Company

Steel Magnolias

Wow thats more than I thought I had! I hope this is an ok thing to post...sorry if its not!

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The King and I is certainly a classic of the musical genre. The music is wonderful (you must know some of the songs . . . Getting to Know You, I Whistle a Happy Tune, Hello Young Lovers). Whether it's worth your money will depend on the production. Do you have any information about it?

I've never seen a production by the Aquila Theater company but I've read good things about it. They specialize in Shakespeare in a contemporary setting -- they did a Much Ado that somehow worked James Bond into the story (not literally, by implication). Twelfth Night seems to be a new production. Take a look at their website:

Aquila Theater Company

For myself, I'd be interested in seeing what they do. But you'll have to decide for yourself! :)

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The King and I has a big headlinging star to go along with it. Sandy Duncan...Should I know who this is? :) Sometimes you can never tell if its a real star to see or if its a washed up star milking the last of their fame. I can really never tell unless I recognize the name.

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Sandy DUncan used to be a television star. She toured in Peter Pan for ages, and also I think in Music Man. She's ultra perky and ultra nice and to my mind a little old to play the role Anna, which I suppose she has. Who's the big star man? This would be the Yul Brenner role (once played by Nureyev, by the way). It really matters who this actor is, too. I think this production is probably geared towards the nostalgic set, rather than young people. But why don't you rent the excellent old movie with Yul Brenner, and see what you make of it? Steel Magnolias was a charming play, much better than the movie of the same title--it's an ensemble piece for women. Who's in the cast? Can you list any of the actresses? It's about women in the south, kind of a three hankie show, all takes place in a "beauty parlour." Full of gentle southerm jokes. I'll check back for you. I cannot advise you on anything else because I detested Riverdance, which you would probably love, since you loved Lord of the Dance. Except that Smoky Joe is a musical review kind of show. It is probably a pretty good production (these are "bus and truck" tours--that is, travelling versions of Broadway shows, designed to fit into a variety of theaters) but all depends on the band. See if you are interested in the music (is it Stoller and Lieber? I can't remember. Just Google the title) because that's the draw. I think if I were choosing from the list, I'd see the 12th Night and maybe the improv guys (Whose Line) because it might be fun to see them live. And Contact. I'm not a fan, but you might love it. If you want to read reviews of Contact, you can find them on line from the original Lincoln Center theater production. Susan Stroman did the directing and choreography.

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I do agree with you that Riverdance/Lord of the Dance has too much over the top vegas style show to it. The part I loved was the actual dancing, because I have never seen Irish live before and was facinated by it. Maybe then I would prefer the Trinity Irish Dance because it seems to be more of a classical approach to it.

Yes, Duncan would be playing the role of Anna. I can't find any information on who the male lead is, though. I think I'll pass on this one as well.

Smokey Joes sounds interesting, but nothing too compelling. Fun music, but thats about all it has going for it as far as I can tell. and you were correct Natashka, its Stoller and Lieber.

Steel Magnolias is being put on by the The Montana Repertory Theatre. I can't find any other info than that.

Thanks for your replies! :thumbsup:

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