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  1. Your refrence to the land of cheeses reminds me of the version we've always talked about here at my studio in Wisconsin... Its not the Land of sweets...its Lambeau Field (for thoes of you who don't follow football, thats the GB Packers stadium) Instead of mice...its bears. and not just any bears...THe Bears Cheese, Brats, and Beer, and linebackers all dance for her at Lambeau. And her prince...who else but the beloved #4- Brett Favre
  2. I don't know if this would be interesting to you, but I love them. I am right in the middle of the Horatio Hornblower series by CS Forrester. They are the story of a young naval officer for the British Navy during the Napoleanic wars. It shows him moving up the ranks from Midshipman to Admiral. They are all about the battles, but there is a little romance in there too. They are really fast reads, too.
  3. If your concern is that your DD will become worried about the injuries associated with dancing, then I don't think that will be a problem. As Treefrog said, two are kinda dramatic, but not very convincing. :rolleyes: It shouldn't be enough to make your daughter worried about injuring herself. Maybe thats not what you were concerned about though. I couldn't really tell.
  4. I don't believe that Hardy/Fudge has had a very large role in any of the movies yet, but in the ones that are to come his role will be much bigger, I think. Shaw/Petunia has a significant role in the beginning of the movies and then dissapears for the rest of the film, because then Harry goes to school. Walters/Mrs. Weasly is a larger character in the other books as well. Much more than in this one. Since Lilly Potter is dead, Sommerville doesn't really have a very significant part in any of them.
  5. Its possibility, but its kind of blatant. I'll bet that its Harry and Hermione that end up together in the end.
  6. The one older member of the company (I forget her name...but she was 43 or something) seemed very...foreward to the director. I am not a professional so I wouldn't really know, but it seems like that wouldn't really happen in a company. I always got the impression that the director got more respect than that. I understand that there is seniority involved and she has lots of pull, but it just seemed a little extreme.
  7. Oh good! I love thoes three! And in Hermione's case, theres no problem with puberty changing her looks. She is getting to be very pretty.
  8. I think I remember reading something about the 'trio' of the actors that play Harry, Ron, and Hermione being changed in either the 4th or 5th movie. With so much time in between each movie, I can see why that would be necessary. Do you know anything about that? Who will be replacing them?
  9. I just returned home from the 11:57 showing of it. I would be interested in hearing others reviews if you have seen it. I'll post mine later, as right now, I should be getting some sleep, or else I will be exahausted at ballet tomorrow morning! :yawn: I will say one thing though. It was...different. The changes in production staff (I can't remember exactly which position was different) was quite aparent. Good/Bad...I don't know. I still have to think about it.
  10. oh wow...I have never seen such a severly hyper-extended leg before!!
  11. I am not sure if you are really 'alowed' to say, but just out of curiousity, was she any good? or maybe if you can say if she had 'career potential' that would be more acceptable...
  12. I do agree with you that Riverdance/Lord of the Dance has too much over the top vegas style show to it. The part I loved was the actual dancing, because I have never seen Irish live before and was facinated by it. Maybe then I would prefer the Trinity Irish Dance because it seems to be more of a classical approach to it. Yes, Duncan would be playing the role of Anna. I can't find any information on who the male lead is, though. I think I'll pass on this one as well. Smokey Joes sounds interesting, but nothing too compelling. Fun music, but thats about all it has going for it as far as I can tell. and you were correct Natashka, its Stoller and Lieber. Steel Magnolias is being put on by the The Montana Repertory Theatre. I can't find any other info than that. Thanks for your replies!
  13. The King and I has a big headlinging star to go along with it. Sandy Duncan...Should I know who this is? Sometimes you can never tell if its a real star to see or if its a washed up star milking the last of their fame. I can really never tell unless I recognize the name.
  14. I just got the 04-05 lineup for our local performing arts venue. There's a huge number of shows I want to see this year! I am so excited! We usually get some pretty good shows, but this year is really really good. I want to go to more than I can afford. There are a few I am not sure about, though. So some reviews would really be helpful. New Disney musical- On The Record Tripple Espresso- A highly caffinated comedy The King and I (A classic, I know, but is it worth the $$?) contact (I think this is one I will go to for sure, but I'd like some reviews anyway) Smokey Joe's Cafe Lord of the Dance (as good as Riverdance? I just saw that and LOVED it!) Barrage- Vagabond Tales Aquila Theater in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (a 'contemporary production' ??) Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (comics from 'Whose line is it anyway? I want to go, but the tickets are really expensive!) Trinity Irish Dance Company Steel Magnolias Wow thats more than I thought I had! I hope this is an ok thing to post...sorry if its not!
  15. I just got home from Movin Out...and it was AMAZING! I just loved it. The dancing was sort of ballet, but totally not ballet at the same time. It would seem like the balletic parts would be very out of place, but it really went together so well. It was strange though. They switched the character who played Eddie at intermission. I wonder if the origional dancer got hurt. :shrug:
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