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Gothenburg Opera Ballet Repertory

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In my local paper I read the following:-

"Gothenburg Opera has lost audience. During the first eleven months of 2003 there were about 10.000 (yes, ten grand) spectators less compared to the same period the previous year.

Mainly the ballet productions had low attendance, but there are hopes that new spectators will be gained with "The sound of music".

End of quote.

Well, maybe the fault of the choice of ballets shown? I must admit I have not attended even once. Reason: nothing of interest.

Sad state of affairs, indeed. Not being a particular fan of "Nuts" myself, I cannot help wondering if they had it for Christmas - it might boost that poor box office. :angry:

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What do you mean by "nuts"? Nutcracker? The Nutcracker (in Pär Isbergs choreography) has moved to Stockholm and almost every performance is sold out...

Didn't they give the performance "Push" and "a chorus line" during that period? I've heard nothing but positive remarks from those two...strange that they are loosing audience. Isn't the Gothenburg Opera Ballet Repertory mainly more focused on more modern dance and musicals? Sadly, it doesn't seem as Gothenburg has so much to offer somebody who likes classical dance :)

Is Stockholm the only classical scene left in Sweden?

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Yes, "Nuts" is short for Nutcracker!

Well, about the Nuts in Stockholm (besides, yesterday it was a gala performance of that ballet for the Queen's birthday).

Though, I don't know if I would like to call that Nuts :rolleyes: The title of the work (by Isberg) is actually "Petter och Lottas jul" (Petter and Lotta's Christmas) and it is based on a fairy tale by the Swedish writer Elsa Beskow.

God Jul!

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I was assuming that you were referring to Lotta and Petter's Jul when you talked about Nutcracker in your first post since that is the very same version of the Nutcracker that was performed last Christmas in Gothenburg by the Gothenburg Opera Ballet! Which I assume was quite a succes since the performance is nearly sold out here in Stockholm?

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