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Vladimir Vassiliev


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Vladimir Vasiliev is still very much alive, active and kicking in Moscow and around, producing ballet with various companies and groups. One of his more recent projects include the Galina Ulanova Foundation, which he presides and will present a Gala in homage of the great ballerina with international stars at the Bolshoi Theatre on May 16, 2004.

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I don't know exactly what she's doing now, but she also has a website: maximova.com. It’s only in Russian, but if you don’t read Russian, you can still look at the pictures. Once you’re in, just keep clicking on the “продолжить" in the lower right-hand corner, and it will take you through every page.

OK, now I see that putting the Russian word in italics doesn't make it actually print in Russian italics here. Anyway, it's the word in the lower right-hand corner of the white rectangle.

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