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Unlikely Partnerships


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The idea came from the Alonso- Youskevitch thread where someone said the Farrell- Mitchell partnership transcended categorization. Have you ever seen a partnership that under no circumstances should have worked out, but turned out to be a match from heaven? One example that I can think of is Vergie Derman and Wayne Sleep in Elite Syncopations, in that wonderful pas de deux that poked fun at their extreme height difference, she a giraffe, he a dwarf :D Suzanne Farrell and Arthur Mitchell, from the clips I have seen, seemed to have an amazing partnership in Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, who would have known? B) Any other quirky, unlikely, or just plain strange, yet perversely entertaining partnerships?

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On her video, "Natasha!," Makarova dances "Begin the Beguine" (chor. Peter Genarro) with Gary Chryst. The dance does not show her to particularly good advantage (she is not comfortable with the idiom), but the chemistry between the partners sends sparks from the tv screen.

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