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Sylve as Dewdrop

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This afternoon I went to NYCB for Act II of NUTCRACKER specifically to check out Sofiane Sylve's Dewdrop. It was well worth the trip; she gave some thrilling dancing and is a beauty into the bargain. She maintained the flow of the steps while radiating a commanding yet feminine presence. Each solo passage was applauded.

Equally exciting was the toothsome Miranda Weese as SPF...back to near normal weight, she danced with her own radiant lyricism.

I feel that I am missing something in Ashley Bouder's dancing...it seems to be my lack, not her's. Can anyone suggest things for me to focus on in her work?

Rutherford & Taylor seemed to be happily waltzing away among the Flowers. I like them both very much.

If you're trying to pick one or two NUTCRACKERs to see, try Sylve's Dewdrop...she was pretty amazing today.

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