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Alison Roper

Leigh Witchel

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This is sort of a silly question, but when I saw that name on the OBT roster it gave me pause for a moment, but I didn't think to question why.

Then I was just looking at the OBT web site and their roster and a memory came back.

If any of the OBT goers here know Alison, I wonder if they could find out if she went to Burklyn for a summer when she was about 14 in the 80s.

If so, oh my :) I danced in the corps of Pas de Dix with her. She was much better than me, of course. And then I took her and Virginia Batson (I remember them both fondly) on a drive through northern Vermont on our day off. I got my car thoroughly searched and nearly got us all interned when we stopped at the Canadian border to take pictures.

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Yes, Leigh, that's our Alison. From Portland Maine to Portland Oregon she came in 1996. Check out Dance Mag's 2002 "25 to Watch". What a pleasure it has been watching her grow as a dancer, from corps to all the major roles, including that of the soloist in Rubies. This after having a baby in Sept 2002. After the departure of the magnificent Stephanie Crank, Alison stepped right in to the spotlight for James Canfield with some amazingly dramatic performances. She can knock your head back in the last row of the second balcony.

BTW: I made the same mistake in upstate NY. When the Canadian Border police found some white powder in a container marked "talcum" in my girlfriends bag, they tore apart the car looking for drugs. It did not help that my hair was longer than hers. Oh, did I mention that this was 1969?

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