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The Ballet Pacifica Mess

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Another ballet company has disappeared -- here's an account of it by Laura Bleiberg in the Orange County Register.

Company deserves to stay alive

It is a shame for everyone involved how Molly Lynch, artistic director of Ballet Pacifica for 15 years, ended her career with that company.

She resigned Oct. 21 for "professional and artistic reasons." News of her departure finally was made public Tuesday. She never met with the company's 15 dancers, which was sad for them.

Others in the community have said that Ballet Pacifica's board of directors had been pressuring her to diversify the company's repertory, adding more traditional ballets. A board member denied that there had been such a debate.

No matter what the exact circumstances, Lynch apparently felt backed into a corner. The point of volunteering one's time and money to a particular organization is that, presumably, one believes in its mission. With Ballet Pacifica, the mission of the organization was a direct reflection of its leader, Molly Lynch. If a board member doesn't agree with how an organization is being run, it's the board member who should resign - not the artistic director.

We have several people from this area -- what do you think? Kibbutzers watching from the outside welcome, too, of course.

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I am from BP and everything is oing great. I know they hired a new artistiv directtor Christine Lyon. She used to dance with the corps in SBT. I know she is young and I hope she will be happy. I know she wanted to do kre contemporary than modern but the shows didn't sell good. they wanted classical shows not just contemporery


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