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  1. I saw the movie a little while back and it was a dissappointment. I thought it would be more than it was. I wish they would have put some action or somethig tospice it up at least a little. I liked the dancing and the characters but there wasn'treally a story ~russianptaylor~
  2. One of my favorite dancers is Nina Anianshivili here is an biography on her form abt.org Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Nina Ananiashvili was an ice skating champion at the age of 10. She studied dance at the Choreographic School of Georgia before going to Moscow to study at the Moscow Ballet School, from which she graduated in 1981. She won a Gold Medal at Varna at the age of 17, the First Prize and the Gold Medal at both the Fourth (1984) and Fifth (1985) International Ballet Competitions in Moscow, and the Grand Prix and Gold Medal at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississipp
  3. I loved Maria Tallchef''s autobiography russianptaylor
  4. Sasha is so amazing A littlewhile back i had a master class with him in California russianptaylor
  5. she is so amaing and she is capable of doing 5 pitouettes russianptaylor
  6. She taught a master class and came to my SI russianotaylor
  7. I am from BP and everything is oing great. I know they hired a new artistiv directtor Christine Lyon. She used to dance with the corps in SBT. I know she is young and I hope she will be happy. I know she wanted to do kre contemporary than modern but the shows didn't sell good. they wanted classical shows not just contemporery russianptaylor
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