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Campaign for Dance

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This might be of interest to University of Virgina alumni and Ballet Alerters in the Charlottesvile area. UVA curently offers only 2 dance classes, but this group wants to establish a true dance program.

The Campaign for Dance


We wish to establish a Cultural Studies in Movement and Dance Program at the University of Virginia that will engage the mind and body in creative and interdisciplinary studies of the arts. The program will integrate academic study and pre-professional training, offering a context in which embodied experience is a crucial mode of research. Coursework will provide practical, intercultural, and critical perspectives on dance and movement. A clear need for such a program exists at the University. The potential for such a program to forge links among the arts, with new media, and across the humanities and social sciences is tremendous. "

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Guest elaineknits

I live just across the Blue Ridge Mountains and would love to see a program there. At least I would be able to go to performances.

Right now, we don't even have a dance store in the area anymore!

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