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Modern Ballet

Guest Kathy Z

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Guest Kathy Z

My daughter is interested in studying modern ballet in Italy. Does anyone know of colleges that offer modern ballet or modern ballet companies?


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There are several, Kathy, but I'm afraid I have no personal experience with them. Italy is much more geared to contemporary ballet than classical, so many of their ballet companies will have that slant. Your daughter may wish to look into either La Scala or Aterbaletto.

Is AntoP still around to give a better answer?

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If you or your daughter speak Italian try http://www.balletto.net/. They also have a translation function that it quite accurate. The website is run by dancers with La Scala, in Milan and San Carlo, in Naples. They cover a wide variety of ballet, contemporary and classical in Italy.

Ballet is not covered as a college course in Italy since their educational system is quite different than ours in the USA. The children study ballet either professionally, in the National Schools in Rome and Milan (in order to recieve a diploma) or in private schools while going to their academic classes in their respective schools (liceo classico, science, language, trade...). The educational system issued a bacchalaureate instead of a general high school diploma in order to go on to university. The University system does not currently include ballet.

Having lived in/worked professionally in ballet in Italy, I would like to add that there are good schools of ballet in Italy, mostly Russian based I believe because the Accademia di Roma had been training teachers to teach and issuing a diploma based on the Russian method of teaching ballet. There have also been some prominent Italian teachers who have trained to teach in St. Petersburg, Russia. I know one of the dancers who runs the Board I have mentioned above. he was studying to receive his diploma as a dancer in Vaganova Academy while I was also there. There are of course other methods being taught throughout the country, but the Russian program did seem to me to be the most prevalent.

There was a summer program run by Virginia School for the Arts somewhere in Tuscany that if I remember well, was modern based. You could also check with VSA website. I believe it is discussed somewhere on this website! Buona Fortuna!

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There will be an auditon in November for a program for choreography for Aterballetto. Maybe you would find this information of interest?

The Italian company Aterballetto, artistic Director Mauro Bigonzetti, is going to hold auditions for its advanced professional course for young dancers.

Auditions for 17 young unemployed dancers will be on November 12, 2003, at 10,30 a.m., in:

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza -Compagnia Aterballetto

Via Verdi, 24

42100 Reggio Emilia, Italy


- Minimum age 18 years old

- High school degree

- Proof of 5 years of dance studies

- Self-declaration of unemployment

The course will be held from November 2003 to May 2004, for a total of 800 hours, 310 of which of choreographic workshop at Aterballetto’s.

Tuition is free.

Broad arrangements & fee will be decided by the Administration.

Application & documentation must be sent and received by November 7, 2003, at:

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Compagnia Aterballetto

Via Verdi 24

42100 Reggio Emilia, Italy

tel: +39 0522 273006

fax: +39 0522 452851

e-mail: centrodanza@crd-aterballetto.it


request it at:


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