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Frankfurt Ballet Folding?

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That was announced more than a year ago. The city of Frankfurt was unable to continue funding. (That's the short version.) There was discussion of it here when it happened and links to newspaper articles, but they may no longer be on line.

The last thing I read was that Forsythe was relocating to New York and would be concentrating on film and dance. He's doing a new work for ABT this year.

(Anyone who can add to that, please do. I write from memory, so if it's dance and video rather than film and dance, please make the correction.)

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Alexandra...Yes I found the article and so sorry for this post. I'm still perplexed at why I heard this on our member supported radio station this morning as the report ended with concern and sadness for the ballet co. and it's dancers and that Forsythe will undoubtedly find another position. Really need to keep up with the European Companies!

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