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Anna Pavlova info


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Ok, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this...so please feel free to move it if not. I am writing a biography for school on Anna Pavlova, and I need a good website or book that talks about more than just her career as a dancer. In my report I need to talk about her religious views and her personal life as well as her dancing. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Swan Queen. It's our policy not to give out homework advice here -- it's too easy to get bad information. I'd give the same advice for an internet search -- you might find a lot of articles and info, but you have no way of telling what's accurate and what's not. Your best bet is to go to your school librarian, or the reference librarian at a public library -- he or she will be glad to help you. There are several good books on Pavlova: a biography (called "Pavlova") by Keith Money is one of my favorites, but again, trust your librarian :)

I'm going to close the thread in keeping with our policy.

Good luck (great topic!)

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