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National Theatre of the Deaf - Oh, Figaro!

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I love on-campus cultual events. Especially when they're as out of the ordinary as a performance by the National Theatre of the Deaf. Oh, Figaro! is based on both The Marriage of Figaro and The Barber of Seville, and set in modern-day New York City. The deaf actors sign their parts, while the few hearing actors do voice-overs for them, as well as sign and speak their own roles. The acting was wonderful. Even if the hearing actors hadn't been there to interpret, I'd still have been able to follow the storyline pretty easily. The sound was a bit loud from my seat in the third row, but that's understandable, I suppose. One of the actors, so my program tells me, is also one of the founding memebers of The Wild Zappers, a deaf dance troupe based in Maryland. (I had a chance to see The Wild Zappers last summer; they are great.)

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