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pic ident

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this is essentially a sample/test from my end.

the picture i'm attempting to attach has been identified as 'liliana grahan' from a group of russian post cards. from what i can read in the fine print on this image - i don't have the original in my possession - the name is not written in russian.

idly i'm just wondering if this could be somehow related to lucille grahn.

any thoughts?


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Neednt be so strange at all. "Gran" or "Grahn" is not an unusual name in Scandinavian countries (it means fir-tree). In the beginning of last century there were large Scandinavian communities in St. Petersburg. Speaking of Sweden now, it was very poor, people were literally starving, and the period around 1850-1920 approx. masses of people emigrated. There were two distinct groups of emigrants. Crofters and people without a trade went to the US, people with a trade went east. There is still a large community in St-P. with Swedish names and these days they are allowed to search for their roots. Evening classes in Swedish are popular and I was actually guest teacher during my visit there.

So, highly unlikely that it should be a relative of the Danish ballerina.

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