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Bonne Bouche Cov.Gdn. 1953 - need help


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I'm trying to locate a scene by scene description

of the dancing in this Cranko ballet. I saw it

performed in 1953. (see Ballet Annual 1953, pp31-35.)

Can anyone suggest where in New York or London

I might find details and photographs?

Edwin Bock

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Ed, you need Richard Buckle's Ballet magazine for June 1952, which has an immensely detailed description of the action by Cyril Beaumont - pages and pages of it!

There's also quite a lot about it, with rather more pictures, in Dance and Dancers, May 1952.

I assume NYPL would have both of these.

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Pleasant to be in touch again -- with you

being helpful as of yore. Many thanks.

Here's a coincidence: I found that Ballet Annual in the

second-hand section of a Barnes and Noble store

right next to Franks biography of Svetlana

Berisova -- the same book, you may recall,

I was looking for when we went to the old ballet

bookshop. Its cover largely intact. That made

me think of our expedition -- and now your

helpful advice seems to close the circle.

Not quite closed. I will be in London the last two

weeks of September. Any additional Cranko-Beriosova

hunting grounds come to mind?


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I'll try to review the Bonne Bouche materials you kindly listed above

when I go to the J. Robbins NYPL library next week. (Budget cuts

have forced that library to open only in the afternoons now.)

Four of my days in England will be spent in Oxford attending

the Waugh centennial conference. (Sept 24-27) Has anyone

made a ballet in which Waugh appears? A short, energetic

and somewhat comic

person -- might be fun to depict. (Perhaps a pdd with Nancy

Mitford, or maybe in a ballet version of Brideshead?)

Do you think any retired members of the RB who worked

with Svetlana would be willing to talk about their recollections?

I will get to work on the Theater Museum as you suggest.

Hope to see you in London.


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