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Mark Morris's "Gloria"

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Information please from anyone who has seen Mark Morris's "Gloria" to the Vivaldi score. I love this music so much--it is my favorite choral work. I have enjoyed what I have seen of Mark Morris, but frankly haven't seen much and have not had the chance to see this piece.

I am so tempted to come into NY next week for Mark Morris as part of Mostly Mozart, even though it would mean giving up a night of the Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC. Help me decide, please--if you have seen it.

1. Is it the entire choral work?

2. Is it performed often? (will I have another chance?)

3. The tough one: is it good?


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I saw "Gloria" only once many years ago -- the first time I saw Mark Morris, actually. I don't think it is performed frequently, at least it's not a year-in, year-out staple. I THINK it's completely choral music, but honestly don't remember.

I do remember that, while I thought the piece was a bit too long, there were some very moving moments in it. The company 15 years ago had some extraordinary, unusual dancers -- real modern dancers, all different body types, earthy people, using their weight, nothing balletic about it -- and I liked them immensely. I remember it as being very good, if perhaps not great, choreography. I went with a friend who was already a Morris fan, and I remember saying, "Gosh, he's a real choreographer," and her response was, "You mean he knew what he was going to do before he started to do it?" which is as good a definition as any. It all seems inevitable, even if some of the invention flags in the middle. And there are moments and images that are still with me.

I'd certainly go if I were in the city -- I wouldn't hesitate for a second. Whether it's worth the trip or not -- well, that depends how much you love the symphony. If you do go, I hope you'll tell us about it.

Anyone else have any comments on this dance?

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