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Sylvie Guillem with the Paris Opera in Manon

Guest Rosa maria

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Guest Rosa maria

I went to see the Paris Opera dance " Manon" with Sylvie Guillem as Manon.

It is the first time I have seen her performing life, and I have to say she was quiet impressive. It wasn't her feet or legs and lines that amazed me the most, but the easiness of her movement ( while she does the hardest things I have seen), she does everything in such a natural way, that it doesn't only look very easy but she gives a feeling that she could be dancing forever. A really beautiful and special quality.

Although I didn't really like the way she walks or runs, it kind of broke the magic of everything else. And if I become really picky, I would say I was not in love with her arms...her back is both strong and flexible, beautifully worked, but somehow I felt there was something missing in the intention of the upper body , it was sort of to flat all the time.

The choreography was too beautiful, I am a fan of Mc Millan's work. So intense.

The Paris Opera as a whole was like usual: technically exellent, very together, almost no mistakes, but with a lack of passion........Since I arrived to Paris (a couple of years ago)I've been dissapointed to watch them doing the classical repertoire, they always look like if they are "working", I don't feel like they are in charge, they look almost schoolish.

Of course with the best technique ever, gorgeous feet and legs and back work,very elegant, but they look almost all the same, not much individual differences, some freedom missing, I don't know.

I have to say I have been much more impressed by them, when I have seen them doing contemporary works, there yes, it is like if they come out and give themselves...and then,wow! they are a joy to watch.

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