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Tobias Article On Romantic Ballet's Heroines

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From today's Links:

In Tutu Review, Tobi Tobias attacks the notion that heroines of Romantic ballet were frail, vulnerable creatures.

In Swan Lake, the White Swan and the Black Swan, Odette and Odile, respectively embody the power of sublime good and monstrous evil.  Odette, despite her lamentable situation—she's a princess doomed to captivity, deprived even of her human form—is not entirely defeated.  First she protects her sister prisoners against the hunters who see the magnificent white birds as their legitimate prey.  Then she pleads her case with their leader, Prince Siegfried, so eloquently that his sympathy escalates into a pledge of love and commitment.  Once the hope he holds out is sabotaged, she has the courage to end her own life.

Tutu Review is part of a dancewear site. Other articles are:

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thanks for the links, alexandra.

a quick skim of the ashton article, by barnes, suggests that it may be of real interest to some people. the photos are lovely.

the aloff article about dance injuries is sort of 'all over the place' - lots of questionable statements, i think... some interesting quotes from marian horosko (and an elegant photo of her). interestingly, she speaks, towards the end of the piece, about the need in the USA for accreditation for dance teachers.

i meant to read the tobia pieces, but haven't got there yet...

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