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Gottlieb on ABT's Spring Season

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I've copied this over from Links for discussion:

Robert Gottlieb on ABT's Spring Season in The Observer: Big Traffic Jam at A.B.T.: Not Enough Roles to Go Around

It was, of course, gratifying to see dancers on the level of Abrera and Wiles and Monique Meunier and Veronika Part in subsidiary roles throughout the season, but the demand of A.B.T.’s public for blockbuster ballets must have a dampening effect on dancers of this quality. La Bayadère has two ballerina roles, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, Swan Lake and La Fille Mal Gardée have one apiece, and these five ballets made up 47 of the season’s 64 programs. Since the season also included two worthless new pieces and two worthless holdovers, where were the opportunities for soloists to grow? The principals have a stranglehold on the big parts, however unsuited they may be to them, and there aren’t enough big parts in the blockbusters to begin with. Hungry dancers need roles to stretch in. Michele Wiles, for instance, was a magnificent Siren in Balanchine’s Prodigal Son several years ago; she hasn’t had a comparable opportunity since. It’s not that I want to see her as Kitri in Don Q, say—a role perfectly suited to Irina Dvorovenko or Herrera; I just want to see her in something perfectly suited to her.
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I had actually been thinking the same thing!!! I know that last year Michele Wiles seemed to have a lot more opportunity for the big leading roles but that was also because Irina D was injured and not dancing. I really think Michele is a beautiful dancer and I have enjoyed seeing her in the roles she has performed this season but I do wish she could have done more. There was no promotion either :-(. All in good time I'm sure!!!

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