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ABT Rep. Prog. #2, June 23-25

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Artemis, Leaves pdd, pas de deux, The Dream


Monday: Kent, Gomes

Tuesday: Brown, Corella

Lubovitch has made a work that is all form, little substance. So many moments that delight the eye (the opening image of the gauze-draped Sylphs swirling in low lights, as if they were clouds is the best), but fail to lead anywhere. The music (by Christopher Theofanidis) was not unpleasant but episodic, so the absence of choreographic development could be the result of the score. There was little opportunity for the leads to distinguish themselves. But everyone looked so lovely!

Leaves pas

Monday: McKerrow, Gardner

Tuesday: Ferri, Molina

McKerrow has succeeded over time in bringing a degree of rapture to this role that she rarely achieves in other roles. If this was not her most emotional reading of it, she does know the qualities it demands and fulfilled them. Partnered gallantly by John Gardner in a guest appearance, she looked happy to have this opportunity to dance it. Her shoulders looked uncharacteristically stiff, but nonetheless her upper body amplitude was touchingly expressive.

Ferri, on the other hand, was all supple limpidness, but modified the steps so that she ended up giving little more than a sketch of the role. Molina's weighted emphasis in his variation contrasted vividly against Ferri's lightness. Still, the duet seemed vacant until that final, swooping inverted attitude lift, which is always breathtaking.

Monday -- Don Q pdd: Herrera, Carreno

Tuesday -- Grand Pas Classique: Wiles, Hallberg

Once again, Paloma got to come out and do her thing. While she has elevated it a bit beyond her series of stunts of past years, it was not at the level of the pas as she did it in the full-length. She had as capable and chivalrous a partner as one could desire. Carreno's dancing was as elegant, musical, thrilling as ever.

Wiles and Hallberg saved GPC from descent into vulgar tricks, to which it is so prone. Their elegant bearing, technical brilliance, exquisite musicality and infectious joy lifted the evening.

The Dream

Monday: Ferri, Steifel, H. Cornejo

Tuesday: Kent, Gomes, deLuz

The company looks better here than they did last fall, capturing Ashton's fluttery fairies in their enchanted woodland. It is an absolute delight. On Monday, the show was all Cornejo's. Did his feet touch the ground? Tuesday belonged to Kent. I cannot imagine a more delightful characterization, progressing from a huffy anger to love-sotted intoxication. Even people who tend to avoid her were charmed by this performance.

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Saw "Dream" with McKerrow, Belotserkovsky, Lopez on Wednesday afternoon. The more I see this ballet, the more I love it, but on this occasion the dancing itself was less then thrilling. Lopez's Puck is basically Alain in tights. Belotserkovsky was a commanding elf whenever he wasn't dancing. Both men had more affinity for the floor than the choreography requires. McKerrow was somewhat less than queenly, and her dancing was unfocused.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Grand Pas Classique was danced by Murphy and Carreno. I know that Carreno is a marvelous partner, but I thought these two, whom I've have never seen dance together before, were very well matched. Their height, bearing, timing, and superlative technique worked so well together that the pdd was quite thrilling. It was also the only time I can ever remember a ballerina receiving more applause and cheers for her solo than the male dancer!

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