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A "Hybrid" Review of Giselle

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a 'hybrid' review of a 'hybrid' giselle, apparently...

even apart from this spelling, which i've never seen before, of the names of 'Moina and Zulma', this review is quite an oddity...

octavio roca in the SF Chronicle describes stanislavsky ballet's giselle in the most opposing combination of terms i've ever come across in a ballet review - which shows well how ANY company can extract those shouting 2 or 3-word promo lines for their next bill:

- "must be seen",

- "one of the world's most exciting",

- "an impressive spectacle ",

- "a rare gem of dramatic ballet".

can you believe that the review which says:

This company must be seen  - - - artistic direction is inspiring a troupe that counts as one of the world's most exciting - - - the corps was an impressive spectacle  - - - Ledovskaya was captivating  - - - Dik, was handsome, likable and often touching - - - the attention each dancer paid to the action onstage throughout, emerged once again as a rare gem of dramatic ballet
ALSO says:

- "Stanislavsky's "Giselle" ... cannot be called a success"

- "heavily cut, oddly edited and curiously unmoving at the close"

- "the mime is anachronistic"

- "a very much a by-the-numbers "Giselle" ...

see for yourself at


as a reviewer, i prefer to be positive, and i am all in favour of giving credit where credit is due. it's (all too) frequently NECESSARY to make the point that x, y or z was wonderful, while p, q & r were crap...but:

i can't decide whether this review has done a fine job of balancing things out - or gone WAY too far...

what do you think?

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I agree. grace. It starts off SLAM BANG and then criticizes things that could be merely the fault of a touring production, and then starts ripping it apart. Yet the opening liked it to the Swan Lake -- it was both productions that made the audience want to see more.

I think it's typical of this writer, though. (Who's usually VERY VERY POSITIVE and seems to write to be blurbed in ads. He used to write in Washington, so I'm familiar wth his work. He's a very nice man.) If you'd like to while away the time someday, try to find a review of his that doesn't mention Alonso. I'd like "Giselle" scholars' comments on the "I sew" mime he mentions.

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