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Kirov vs ABT

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I recently acquired ABT's version of Corsaire in video (with Julie Kent, et all). I already owned Kirov's version (with Asylmulatova). I could not help but reflect on the following: though ABT dancers perform the choreography to perfection, I saw that there is an indefinable quality that was missing, which is present in Kirov. Is it the Russian grandeur, or is it only the school? Or is it that Kirov ballerinas are more "feminine"? I cud not help but to find the American dancers too "modern and Balanchine" for this ballet (I am mostly recalling the "Jardin Animee" section on writing this)

By the way,when I visited New York in 1998 I saw ABT in Sleeping Beauty, and I also felt the same thing. I definitely prefer Kirov for these ballets.

Why is it so? Any hints?

Thanks for feedback!!!.


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I'd explain the difference this way. When the Kirov dances these ballets, they're dancing in their native language; they grew up with the ballets, and they still believe in the technique and style associated with them. They've adapted the ballets over time to suit their tastes and the tastes of their audience. They've become so concerned with the technique and style, that it has become the central point (and beauty) of the ballets.

When ABT dances them, they're dancing in a different language, and having to deal with different traditions. The dancers themselves come from many schools, not one school, so they're all learning something new. There isn't the same time spent on the style of these ballets -- and the company's trademark is that it does practically every existent style.

The look of the two companies are very, very different -- see the threads in Discovering Ballet on styles of the different companies.

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