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READ THIS if you're attending Worlds in Wash, DC!! Security lines supe


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Since there seem to be many cross-over skating-ballet fans & I know that several DC-area members will be attending some of the World Figure Skating Ch'ps in Wash, DC, I'm writing this post to save you a headache or two. :)


If you are attending an event that begins, say, at 7 pm, please be at MCI no later than 6 pm to begin standing in line on the sidewalk, to ensure that you will have gone through security in time to allow you to see the beginning of the event.

Last night, I barely made it to my seat on time to see the start of the Pairs short program. I made the (in retrospect) error of leaving the arena after the Mens Qualifiers 2nd group -- ended at 6 pm -- for a quick bite to eat at an area fast-food place. Was back at the arena at 6:45 pm, thinking that I'd make it back to my seat on time for the 7pm program. WRONG! I stood for over one hour, in line snaking around the arena, to get to the lobby, where pocketbooks have to be checked AND dropped into a box to see if it fits the dimensions allowed. (NO LARGE POCKETBOOKS OR KNAPSACKS ALLOWED, by the way! Your bag must fit into the box. Dimensions about 13" x 5 x 8" deep. A mid-size woman's purse.)

Thank goodness the actual skating did not begin until 8pm, as the first hour was an Opening Ceremonies. Some people DID miss some of the skating, including top-ranked pairs who got an early draw.

I cannot stress hard wnough how important it is to allow about one hour, maybe a bit more before Saturday's ladies finals, for security. Even if the doors reopen at 6:30 pm, you will want to be near the front of the line to ensure that you will make it to your seat by 7pm (in case of evening competitions).

If you are attending a daytime event, prior to an evening event, I would not stray far from the arena...or simply stay IN the arena and eat a pre-packed sandwich right there, in between day & evening events.

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