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  1. Sorry, I'm not sure where to post this. Please move it as appropriate. Brief version: I'm certified to teach ABT ballet, in my 20s. I only know ballet but never dance professionally. To make myself more employable as a FULL-TIME dance teacher, should I attempt to learn a new style of dance such as latin/ballroom/jazz and become certified to teach it OR should I specialise more in ballet teaching, e.g. to get a Master in Dance Education, get certified to teach another ballet syllabus such as Cecchetti/RAD, or say, do some private pedagogy study with a famous teacher? Long version: I have be
  2. vrsfanatic, the reason I asked is because I took lessons about 10 years ago from this teacher who was in her 80's. She left Russia in her late 20's but she's famous for imparting her imperial style port de bra. The class system used was Vaganova's 8 years program. I was watching the Vaganova DVD sold on Amazon last week, and I was amazed to see how similar the work that I did was to what's being currently taught still at the school. Thus I kind was puzzled, was I trained in the imperial style or vaganova?
  3. Could someone tell me what are the differences between the imperial and vaganova styles? I've heard that the Imperial style port de bra is more subtle, is this correct? are there any other differences? When people refer to Soviet style or Soviet training, is it synonymous with the vaganova school? It must seems to me that the word Soviet tends to be used when referring to the Bolshoi before the disintegration, is this so?
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