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  1. I also went to the Kent-Stiefel-Radetsky last night. Stiefel was fantastic. Really transporting and wonderful. I can't say enough great things about him, and he and Kent had absolutely seamless partnering. The little skimming hops that Kent does while lifted in the air by Stiefel was absolutely beautiful. Stiefel was everything I go to the ballet for - expressive, powerful, technically flawless, and so very charismatic. I love Radetsky's dancing and mime. He tends not to be as much of a show-offy showman as Stiefel, so he doesn't get the recognition applause when he enters (which I th
  2. I went to see the performance yesterday (July 2), with Dvorovenko and Kajiya. I think it really was Kajiya's night - she was lovely when she got to dance (too rarely), and she delivered a witty interpretation of her character with great charm. Other than that though, the night was a bit of a disappointment. I echo the others' sentiments - the ballet was very lavishly produced, but didn't really have a lot of dancing. The art-deco last set at 'Maxims' got its own applause when it was revealed and that seemed apt. Unfortunately, an awkwardly placed column in the first act seemed to make al
  3. I don't know if this was her debut, but maybe that means she'll have improved by the time she repeats the role on Saturday evening. I've seen Diana Vishneva in this part last year, and she was sublime. Murphy seemed rather uncomfortable with the choreography - she had a rather awkward time negotiating the big piece of cloth that Nikiya and Solor hold between the two of them during their pas de deux. Her dance in honor of the Nikiya and Gamzatti wedding was disappointing. She didn't seem sad or heartbroken - just a very beautiful ballerina doing steps a little bit tentatively. I've seen Mu
  4. I'm torn about giving the ABT any more of my money for this production because the performance I went to was so bad. But all these really detailed positive reviews is swaying me to give it another go. Thanks for the tip about the Gomes & Saturday!
  5. Did anyone on this forum go see La Bayadere on June 24? I went with a friend of mine that I've been talking up David Hallberg to. I saw his Don Q, and also his performance in the Rabbit and Rogue and thought he's been having a really lovely season. The thing is, La Bayadere yesterday had some really surprising (shocking?) problems in the corp de ballet, both male and female, and the principals seemed either rattled by that or very tentative for some other reason. The principals were Hallberg as Solor, Murphy as Nikiya and Wiles as Gamzatti. In the Dance of the Shades the second girl fro
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