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  1. I was thinking more of the "morning after" scene, all passion spent, where it would be realistic for them not to be dressed. I know what you mean, but they don't just wake up with a little petting, the do another love PDD! I agree it looks strange both of them lieing in bed fully dressed after their wedding night. Indeed I didn't see one shirtless Romeo in any of the famous choreographies. So take his shirt off and give him fleshtone tights, some kind of semitransparent thin night gown for her, that's enough for phantasy, and remember he has to leave hearing the lark. Just redressing the shirt is enough.
  2. I think this may work in a movie as it did with Zefirelli (Whiting&Hussey) perfectly in the bedroom scene, but not in ballet where practical considerations have to be taken into consideration. And, I dare not to say, what about the problem of the male getting hard on stage in the nude...impossible. And if he didn't get hard in an erotic situation while playing a passionate lover you would also think it unnatural. So with convincing evidence it is totally inept to have dancers with genitals uncovered on stage. Leave that to nightclubs.
  3. I agree, the most erotic scene I ever saw is the recognition of Romeo and Juliet touching just their hands behind the spectators who listen to the singer in Zefirellis movie from 1968 with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. On the other hand the short naked bedroom scene is exciting as well. It always depends...In R&J ballets there are usually traditional costumes and no nudity even in bedroom, so Romeo doesn't have to redress when leaving. I myself wouldn't mind being shirtless as Romeo in the bedroom PDD with Juliet of course keeping her thin white night gown.
  4. Actually no, from the examples which were mentioned in this thread (including the one by volcanohunter just above your message...) Well, at least I didn't experience that, neither as dancer nor as spectator. I wouldn't think it's esthetic to have genitals uncovered. I myself would refuse if ever asked. With the female breasts it's a little different. I once saw 'Isadora' and the ballerina had a translucent costume with her breasts more than imaginable... very esthetic and exciting!
  5. This seems quite exaggerated to me. I don't know any company that requires dancers to sign such a contract. I think we are talking of nudity and mean that genitals and female breasts are covered at least. With the rest what is the problem? A dancer is used to reveal his body, and barechested males is the norm in ballet at least in modern dance. I don't see an esthetical or moral problem.
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