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  1. It's a terrible terrible season.... Much worse than I expected... I just hope that the change in the company direction will bring us something better, but I'm not counting on it! Italian ballet is so frustrating...
  2. I went to the site, but i don't speak japanese!! Can you tell me how to buy tickets for Ferri's dates please? Are they on sale on the web? Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot both!! You've been a big help!
  4. Next 23 June Alessandra Ferri will dance Romeo&Juliet for the last time at ABT. I would like to see it, but I'm having quite a hard time in purchasing tickets... First of all I don't really know which are the best seats (price is not an issue), then I looked in ABT site but the only tickets I found were "3 Series packages" but since I don't live in NYC and would be there just for that night, I hoped to buy a single ticket... Do you know if that's possible? Is there anyone who can help me with all these questions? Thank you!!
  5. Hi! I just joined this forum and I want to introduce myself. I'm 21, I live in Milan and I study dance management at undergraduate school. I have never danced but I've always been a passionate ballet lover, I especially like travelling to see different ballet companies in Europe and compare them! This is not the first dance forum I take part in, but it definitely seems the bigger one! I am so excited and have so much to read here! Have a good night!
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