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  1. I had never heard of the Feast of the seven fishes before. Sounds like something I'll have to try, if only to do something different from the traditional christmas ham. Makes sense that the seven fishes represents the seven sacraments if it's Vigilia di Natale. Me, I wasn't with my family for once ands thus in charge of my own food. Ended up having champagne & foie gras followed by a chateaubriand and some cheese, snacks and wine. Not very christmasy, but nice. Best of all, not having to see the 3 o'clock Donald Duck! Horrible, horrible Swedish tradition. Every year you have to watch
  2. 10 minutes left of Christmas Day local time (CET) so, Merry Christmas all! And Helene, do you know which countries celebrate on the 24th? Unless you were referring to people who don't celebrate Christmas at all. //Dave
  3. A late thanks for the info rg. I've been hiking in the Ardennes and not keeping up with BT. A search for Hoffman showed me what you were talking about, Nutcracker had too may hits though... It seems Marc or other Belgians didn't go, too bad, I would've liked to hear what they thought. For me, hearing that these guys are third in St Pete makes me really want to see Mariinsky, but I think I'll wait until spring/summer, St Pete gets very, very cold in the winter (or so I'm told). If you happen to read this rg and don't mind answering, do you know the story behind the snowflakes? Are they too f
  4. Well, as usual, I've posted before I thought things through. Being back home with the program I answered some of my questions but a few new ones arouse. Apparently they have the short name of: "The state opera and ballet theater Rimsky-Korsakov of Saint Petersburg" Which raises a new question for me: No mention of Conservatory? Is that a separate part or is it connected somehow? I seem to have read that several Russian dancers have "graduated from the conservatory", so is there a school too? Also, there is indeed no Clara in the cast, but there is one "Marie Stahlbaum", is that her?
  5. First things first: Does anyone know what they are called? The Rimsky-Korsakov Ballet? Because, to me at least, the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory is the building across from the Mariinsky. Anyways, they are on tour with the Nutcracker and performed in Brussels this past weekend. Did anyone go and see it and feel like posting a review? (I'm counting on you Marc!) Being my first Casse-Noisette as they call it over here, I had some questions. Like, uhm, why no Clara in the cast? Was the fairies a substitute for the snow flakes? Isn't the Nutcracker supposed to become a prince, or at least
  6. Oh, and also, if you'd like to see the totally unbiased reviews posted on, uhm, The Royal Ballet of Flanders homepage, it's rigt here (PDF): reviews WARNING: It's all in flemish. But it says stuff like: "Bruid met ruggengraat" (Bride with a spine?) and Basically, Spuck has earned his reputation as one of the most interesting new choreographers with this piece. And, ballet can be wonderful. And as for me not calling it ballet, remember, I've never been to a ballet. This one skirts the edges, but I'll keep that position until I've seen 12 girls in white tutus doing pointe-work in pe
  7. Yes, I did go. I went to the Saturday matinee. And I enjoyed it. A lot actually. EDIT: Ok, taken a sick-day, fevers gone, I think I can be more articulate than that! To sum up: Me go, me like. Not great but a good way to spend a saturday.
  8. Thanks for the replies! Sorry about the late answer, got swamped at work. leonid: Thanks for the links, can't believe I missed the link to his homepage! Anyway, I think Spucks homepage is quite telling, in both style and content. Leigh: Modern in outlook? That sounds like an understatement, it's even supposed to be a multimedia experience! Mark: Thanks for pointing that out, I might have missed it. I checked the maps and it's only a few blocks from the station, though I get different adresses when I search for Theaterplein or Stadsschouwburg... Anywho, not exactly the ballet blanc I was
  9. Royal ballet of Flanders is performing The Return of Ulysses 24th-26th november. "A new full-length ballet created for the Royal Ballet of Flanders Choreography: Christian Spuck" And with an orchestra! Since when do they have one? Anyone familiar with this ballet or the choreographer? I wonder what style it is? Link: http://www.koninklijkballetvanvlaanderen.b...te/seasonru.htm And if there's any belgians here, can you make the train back to Brussels after the show? It's a long walk from Antwerp... Found this about his first ballet, from Financial Times (well, actually from here...)
  10. Thanks for all the replies! Guess it's pretty much like I expected then, unfortunately. I'll just stick to my DVDs for the time being then (which I had forgotten include on of La Scala - Giselle with Alessandra Ferri). Funny thing this whole ballet-business, all my ballet-loving friends (well, both of them) say "just go see one" but it's not that easy, now is it? And about the Giselle choregraphy, La Scalas homepage actually says: "Choreography Jean Coralli - Jules Perrot"... (http://www.teatroallascala.org/public/LaScala/EN/teatroPiermarini/complessi_artistici/corpo_di_ballo/repertorio/
  11. Thank you for your reply Helene. I did a bit of digging and none of the names you mentioned are in the cast, unfortunatly. The cast is: Sabrina Brazzo Gilda Gelati Marta Romagna Riccardo Massimi Mick Zeni Alessandro Grillo Antonino Sutera Deborah Gismondi The pieces include: The Cage - Jeremy Robbins La Chauve-Souris - Roland Petit Apollon Musagete - Balanchine Casse-Noisette - Rudolf Nureyev The River - Alvin Ailey Le Corsair - Marius Petiba Excelsior - Ugo dell'Ara Giselle - Yvette Chauviré Lots of new stuff for me, out of those I've only seen Le Corsair and Giselle. Thou
  12. Hi all, new member, first post. La Scala will be performing in Brussels 23rd-26th november with a show called "Les étoiles de la danse". Now, having already searched the site for info and finding nothing (except for the weird fact that you have to register in order to use the search functionality) I'll ask about it here. (The forum said "Galas" so I hope it's in the right place) Thing is, I've never been to a ballet. I've been planning to though, for like the past 15 years or something, but seeing as I've hit 30 now it's time to get sophisticated and cultivated (either that or a Porche an
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