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  1. Very jealous in Calgary. My DS will be watching as he is a student at NBS.
  2. Did anyone see any reviews for Fiddle and the Drum?? I looked in the Globe on Monday but only saw Grammy news. How about the Herald? I did see Louis Hobson's review in the Sun. Edmonton??
  3. "Jonathan Renna as sexy prince" Tee hee. I would like to add that according to the majority of Nutcracker girls, Kelley McKinley is the favourite!!
  4. Yes, Thursday nights performance was taped in HD by Joe Media for future airing.
  5. Serenade was fantastic! I have seats on the floor and friends of mine were in the second balcony. At intermission they commented that they jokingly asked themselves whether or not it was Alberta Ballet they were watching because of the precision of the Balanchine lines. The effect was not as obvious from the floor but the technical mastery was evident. Maki Matsuoka is fabulous to watch. I am not a big Reid Bartelme fan and I have to say that I question his casting as I don't think he has the technique to support such a role. Jonathan Renna was not in the program and I did see him in the audience. Not sure why he was not dancing. Let me know if he danced in Edmonton. I listened to the pre-ballet talk and Elyse Borne spoke about having danced for Balanchine and the evolution of Serenade. Very interesting.
  6. I posted this in the Links thread, thought it would be better to be here. I saw it an LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fast paced and energetic and I have not seen Alberta Ballet so on their game. The video installation may not work for some as it could be a bit of a distraction. I found the video in Carmina Burana annoying and not relevant but in The Kettle and the Drum, it worked to reinforce the emotional impact and the theme that both Maitre and Mitchell were going for. I also think that younger audiences who are technophiles will find the multimedia aspect of the ballet appealling. My only other comment was that the dancers who filled the upstage at times made the work a bit too busy. Of note were Igor Chornovol and Kelley McKinlay`s pas de deux in Passion Play, I am sure it had some people squirming but the intimacy and sensuality where breathtaking. Also, in The Three Great Stimulants, Nicole Caron, Christopher Gray and Yukichi Hattori were non stop in a piece that was both technically and emotionally well executed. The only other comment I have is that the sound was not super and as the songs were not Joni Mitchell`s most recognized (two have yet to be released) it was difficult to connect to the emotional content that was being expressed by the dancers. Overall though I was thrilled I can`t wait to see it again!!!!
  7. Like Mikhail Baryshnikov's Prodigal Son. He is not very tall either!!
  8. I changed my seats this year with my subscription because I was most disappointed about the "new Jubilee". I did not think the sight lines were at all improved. We are now down on the main floor, row K, Left centre and I loved it!! My son danced Fritz in Nutcracker last year and we got tickets in row L to see him and we could see every "naughty" move. We saw Maki and Christopher in Rubies. I am not sure where Yukichi Hattori was, I have heard he is wonderful and was looking forward to seeing him perform. The Party Girls and Clara have to be very short in this years Nutcracker because he is to be one of the Princes and apparently is only 5-4!! Sadrine Cassini was the Solo Girl, very lovely. In Butterfly Dream Galien Johnston and Reid Bartelme. Loved Galien but not a huge fan of Reid. Tanya and Kelley in The Winter Room. I was lucky enough to see them rehearse in the studio last year!! It was amazing!! Then Kelley as the Archpoet, Jonathan Renna and a menacing Bearer of Time and Tanya as The Figure of Instinct. It was interesting to have the choir on stage, but at times I felt the choreography was too busy.
  9. Are you sure it was a guy?? I thought Miss Piggy was on pointe?? It is on Youtube.
  10. Thanks all for your input. Interesting that the Edmonton Journal mistook Leigh for Tanya, Tanya danced with Kelly in Calgary on Thurdsay night. They were dynamic and powerful. I am sad to see Tanya go, but I am looking forward to seeing more of Leigh and Kelly paired up. Most of the reviews I have read did make mention of the video screen in Carmina as being superfluous. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes made in future stagings of the production.
  11. Hello all, I have been on Ballet Talk for Dancers for the last couple of months. I have dancing children but am also a fan of ballet. We went to Alberta Ballet's Ruby Nights last night. Rubies by Balanchine, The Winter Room by Jean Grande-Maitre, Carmina Burana by Emily Molnar. Very much enjoyed it. Wondering what others thought.
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