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  1. I just saw the list for this year's Fall for Dance on their web site[ New York City Center] . The Suzanne Farrell Ballet will be performing on Sept. 25th. I am not sure what they are performing but who cares -they are in NYC !!! Perhaps Farrell Fan had something to do with it. In any case, it will be a night to enjoy.
  2. The company will also be performing at the K.C.'s Open House on Sept. 13th. They have danced several short performances throughout the day during the last couple of years. The tickets to this event are free but limited to the theater they are in. It is a great day for the whole family to spend at the K.C. Check their web site to see the schedule of all the events planned.
  3. The Center has recently announced the schedule for this year's Open House . The Suzanne Farrell Ballet will be performing in the Family Theater with 3 performances in the afternoon. Has anyone heard what they will be doing ? It does look like it will be a great for the wholr family ! Kennedy Center Open House Festival
  4. Tutumaker- I really enjoyed reading your comments about Sunday's two performances, especially since I was there for both shows as well. (I actually saw several, in order to see all the various casts.) This is my first attempt at posting, just a few thoughts really... I agree with almost everything that you said regarding the performance and the caliber of dancing, the wonderful costumes and the melodious violin. I have watched the company over the years and am so happy to see Pickard now a Principal. I find her to be a very consistent dancer and her promotion to me seems very well deserv
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