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  1. So glad to see Francesca Hayward's promotion. She's an lovely dancer with beautiful lines, lovely stage presence and has immense talent! Interesting to see the promotions and joiners of dancers trained at the RBS. Seems that the link between the company and the school may be stronger than in recent years.
  2. From the Royal Ballet School Website: Here's the link : http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2014/04/gailene-stock-1946-2014/ Her legacy of so many dancers living their dream will live forever.
  3. Taylor Stanley is an AA who rapidly rose to soloist with NYCB and is a fabulous dancer! ETA: Taylor is male (not sure if the discussion is only about female AA dancers in NYCB)
  4. I'm so glad to see Francesca Hayward being given the role of Clara and this world-wide exposure. She is a lovely dancer, lovely lines, lovely quality!
  5. OK, so I'm confused again... Her beloved Russian husband? Isn't she now divorced? Didn't she marry against the wishes of her family because she was marrying to further (she thought) her career? - not the first time this was ever done, but "beloved" hardly seems to fit if this is the case..... ETA: The link just has a trailer and it looks to me like her usual social media promotion. Under news it says something about the film being admitted to a film festival (Sept). The links to Q&A don't answer a lot of the confusion either. Was she married when this was filmed? It just talks about them
  6. Thank you for the clarification. Things are a little blurry in this situation.
  7. I can't judge (don't have the expertise or experience of watching either Kampa or Womack live) but there are differences. Keenan is older and had two years of professional experience when she joined the Mariinsky; Womack was fresh out of school. The AD of Boston Ballet called Kampa a major talent unlike the AD of Bolshoi who called Womack "persistent." In BB's online literature, Kampa is also quoted as understanding the need to "fit in" the corps. Womack says she's been told she doesn't fit in the corps and uses this as an excuse to say she's only fit for solo roles. Kampa's also quoted on th
  8. If she's as good as the review (and I have no reason to doubt that she is), then the advice given earlier by several on this thread to get back to the barre, spend energy getting to the top of her game instead of giving meaningless interviews is the best thing she could do. That, and accept that no matter how talented or what roles she had in school, she needs to prove herself to a director by working to fit into the company, do what is necessary to become a valuable member of the company starting with corps work, show that she can pick up choreography quickly and when cast to cover roles, lea
  9. An article stated? Was this Womack's statement being quoted? or was the article quoting someone collaborating this threat? So far, I haven't read about anyone who has stepped up who has witnessed threatening statements. Characterizing Filin's lawyers statements are not collaborating threatening statements. Since she's touring within Russia currently and seems to plan to stay there, she is apparently not feeling terribly threatened. She has a US passport (unless she renounced her citizenship) and can leave when she wants to. This is not the old USSR. No, her goal was to be the first US Pr
  10. It's ok to dislike the way things are done but I don't see how any of us here are going to change the way things are done at the Bolshoi. I don't think one 19 year old disgruntled American dancer who makes allegations that she's unwilling to pursue with officials is going to change "the way things are done" at the Bolshoi. There is a difference... those US immigrants stood up for their rights in many cases and took to the courts or went to the police. Without being willing to name the people who commit the offenses, people are able to hide behind the "way things are" argument. Until this happ
  11. Who threatened her? Did she name those who threatened her? Filin gave her advice that she didn't like but I didn't read that he threatened her. She adds more to every interview but they are her words, her views. No way to substantiate them as she refuses to file a formal complaint or go to the authorities. Maybe she didn't like Filin's advice and complained of extortion. Maybe she didn't like the advice to be silent and said it was a threat, who knows? If I were threatened, I would go to the authorities. If I were her parent, I would insist that she go to the authorities and ask for protection
  12. I think this is sound advice for her since she's unwilling to make an official complaint. The following is another example of inconsistencies in her story and these sorts of things are exactly why people are questioning and searching for facts. Not boredom, or a bad day at work but the whole mess is just too murky to believe without questions.
  13. No, according to her, she accepted a job at the Bolshoi right after she graduated in 2012 (2012-2013) season and returned for the 2013-2014 season. If she wasn't being paid, why on earth would she return? It sounds like she was on some sort of production contract where payment is due only upon being cast, rehearsing and dancing in a production. According to her, she only danced 6-7 times while at the Bolshoi. If she was only paid as a production contract employee, she probably was running on vapors. Putting emotions and dreams aside, no money means it's time to move on. Production contra
  14. If she wasn't paid, she should have left long ago. Professional dancers expect to be paid for their work. She seemed so intent on making her dreams come true that she didn't do what reasonable people would do. Or maybe she was so publicly invested in the dream to be the "First American principal dancer" that she just didn't know how to let go and save face. Right now, it seems that she is her own worst enemy. Continuing to make these accusations and broaden them without taking official action just makes her appear more immature, more whiny and more like a disgruntled employee (which she is). I
  15. Of course, it's stupidity. Of course, it's wrong. Hopefully, as Russia opens up to the rest of the civilized world, those sentiments will go away. My point was not to make excuses and I'm sorry if it came off that way. My point is that cultural differences exist. Some of those differences are abhorrent to other cultures. Certainly, asking someone to bleach off their color is sheer ignorance. Precious sounds to me like she's handling the slurs in the context of the culture in Russia and making the best of the situation. She may not change the entire culture's approach to racial difference but i
  16. We here in the US know that this is just not right. It's terrible but Russia isn't the USA. It's not exactly friendly to gay men either. Before going to a different culture, it does make sense to know a bit about what lies in store. Unlike Womack, Precious has already figured out that she will look elsewhere to start her career. She also said that she was warned about the probability/possibility of racial bias there and not to take it personally. She states that she's there for the training. Good words. Now she just needs to keep her nose to the grindstone and hand on the barre and take every
  17. Chewing all this over, I keep coming up with one word. Accountability. Sure, she's 19 and still developing those brain cells but to paint her as an innocent player in this doesn't fit the picture. She screams "extortion" but when told to make a complaint, she refuses. She may have her reasons, if so then she should have stayed quiet, moved on and saved the story for a later time. She marries someone for her own convenience and then decides it's not what she wanted; so it seems she used a boy (who I hope knew what he had agreed to) for her own purposes. She makes inconsistent statements, includ
  18. I certainly agree that she's still a kid. I'm sorry her dreams didn't come true. It happens. Failure is a potential learning experience and those who learn and grow from it become successful. For me, it's not her disillusionment or the fact that she made what seems to be some poor life and career choices. I just that I get a bit testy when these kids use social media for self-exaltation long before accolades are truly deserved. In this case, it is remarkable that she was able to secure a spot at one of the world's most recognizable name schools at such a young age. That is certainly something
  19. This whole affair is just murky. She was hired into the corps according to her own statements on social media, the AD says she was in the corps but she calls herself a soloist. And she says in many interviews that she asked/begged for featured roles. That's pretty cheeky for a brand new, just out of school dancer. It looks like she danced one night in a solo role in Nutcracker. Many corps dancers are given the opportunity to cover and ultimately dance a solo role. It's a chance for the dancer to show that they can handle being out there in the spotlight alone. One solo role doesn't make anyone
  20. I wondered the same thing. The only thing a google search shows up is on her springform site; she states that she got the red diploma and goes on to state that Nastia Limenko also received a red diploma. She also states that Nastia Limenko went to the Stanislavsky. The Academy's Facebook page doesn't seem to list the graduates or honors for them but there are several entries from a Womack- dad? with photos and videos of her performing what looks like the lead in the school's performance of Paquita. Perhaps someone who understands Russian or has access to the school announcements from JW's grad
  21. Well stated Helene on all points. Speaking for myself, I'm not angry when anyone complains about injustice or harassment; I have the utmost respect for those who identify these types of problems and work in whatever way to address them constructively. There is no evidence in the press that this was Miss Womack's intent. I have learned to be leery of all the self-promoting teens over the years, especially the ones who create an aura of being "the first," "the best," "the bravest," "the most unique life circumstance," etc. Many do this even before ever becoming a professional ballet dancer.
  22. I agree that buying roles and getting ahead for sexual favors is infuriating and in a perfect world, we would only see those who work hard, have the ability, training and stage presence succeed. The world is not perfect and as Helene and Catherine have pointed out, this girl is not the only one who has, is, or will find the world to be imperfect. She doesn't sound naive in that podcast nor is her story really all that unique. Many dancers go far from home in their teens, the vast majority spend years if not their entire career in the corps and all will see inequity in casting and promotions.
  23. From the NY Times phone interview with Womack: From this quote, it seems that one of her main goals was to dance "prominent" roles. (Like her fellow corps members, I'm sure). If she wasn't given opportunities to perform, then that goal seems unlikely in this company. This is not an uncommon state among ballet dancers. To advance in their careers and meet individual goals, sometimes dancers need a "change of scenery." In those cases, it's usually wise to do this without burning bridges...
  24. I am curious about the sentiment that Joy Womack was treated badly in part because she was American or not Russian. That may well be the case but three years ago, the Bolshoi held auditions and issued invitations after the dancer sent the requested information. I don't know how many nationalities or Americans were invited. I seem to remember hearing at the time that Filin was trying to open up the company and become more international. Maybe the company wasn't ready, maybe the leadership wasn't ready but Filin did hold those "open" auditions.
  25. Maybe instead of asking for solo roles, the right question should have been how to be cast in the corps. Maybe the person was annoyed at her for asking to dance solo roles when she hasn't even been cast in the corps. Maybe the person made an unwise comment about paying for the opportunity. We really don't know what actually happened here. It's interesting to me that she "has so much respect" for the person who said the alleged comment that points to extortion. If she's not willing to give details, then why should we believe it without question? It's not that I don't feel for the girl but she d
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