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  1. I have just ordered one through this website: Zambra.com -- All the music made in Spain at your fingertips. It sounds promising at least! I've gotten an e-mail that said it will take a few days to get in their warehouse. (My fingers are crossed.) It is also available here: Servifans.com.
  2. Thank you so much for the information! So the song "Jardi Tancat" from her album Raixa is not related to the ballet? Link to Raixa I was just about to buy that CD, but I'll put my efforts into figuring out how to order the CD from the Japanese website! Would you happen to know what the names of the individual songs are in the ballet? Are these the songs? Jardi Tancat songs
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the recording of Maria Del Mar Bonet's music for Jardi Tancat, choreographed by Nacho Duato? Has any company put Jardi Tancat on DVD yet? ("Three by Duato" has Por Vos Muero, Duende and Arenal.) Thank you!
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