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  1. 8 hours ago, vipa said:

    I agree. I am thinking, however, that the ABT coaching staff is probably not very expensive. No offense to anyone, but in an interview Susan Jones did mention struggling by on unemployment during layoffs, . I doubt that Raffa and Jones demand the salary that someone like Guerin would. There could be financial restraints.

    Surely, one of ABT's prominent patrons can sponsor her coaching position/salary.


  2. 4 hours ago, canbelto said:

    The coaching staff has gotten really depleted as well. Irina Kolpakova seems to be an 84 year old energizer bunny, but Victor Barbee left along with Julie Kent, and Alexei Ratmansky closely supervises his own ballets and does intensive coaching with them but for the regular bread-and-butter repertoire who is there to coach the dancers? One wonders.

    Irina can't last forever and the ABT ladies need help. Isabelle Guerin, a former Etoile of the POB lives in NYC and ,if she is willing, would be a great addition to the coaching team at ABT.  She did staged Other Dances for ABT and from the dancers comments in Instagram, was a marvelous coach/teacher. Just a thought.

  3. 2 hours ago, vipa said:

    I have no opinion on Guerin becoming an ABT coach, but agree that the company seems short on coaching. I look at NYCB and see so many dancers with history with the company on the coaching staff. Is it a monetary problem with ABT?


    It is always a monetary problem with ABT but, surely, one of the members of the board can sponsor an additional coach.

  4. Isabelle Guerin, one of the great Etoiles of the POB during the Nureyev Directorship, is presently staging Other Dances for ABT. I hope Kevin Mc or someone else would be able to persuade her to join the coaching  staff of ABT. I understand that she lives in NYC with her family. With all the talented dancers coming up, ABT needs an additional coach. Irina K won't be able to coach everyone. Just a thought...

  5. 9 minutes ago, angelica said:


    These two should definitely be promoted. And Thomas Forster should be given more prominent roles to groom him for promotion to principal in the next year or two.


    Zhong jing Fang, Paulina Waski and April Giangeruso for soloist. More principal parts for T Forster and soloist parts for Grey Davis.

  6. 49 minutes ago, Natalia said:


    Exactly my point. Thank you, Mazurka. Why did ABT drop the Jurgen Rose designs?

    I think this production is borrowed/rented from the National Ballet of Canada and it was redesigned by Santo Loquasto a few seasons ago.


  7. 3 hours ago, clrtt said:

    I think that there is a corps member who is quite suited to partner Part... Gray Davis. I understand that she rehearses with him quite often by request, and in fact has performed with him outside of ABT. He was injured a couple of years back and hasn't seemed to gain momentum yet again, but given the chance I think he would more than rise to the occasion.


       Gray has the height,technique and good looks of a lead dancer. All he needs is a chance for an important leading role. If i remember correctly, he was an early Grand Prix winner at YAGP.

  8. 15 minutes ago, abatt said:

    I'm counting on it!  I suspect Teuscher and Hee Seo might get additional SL assignments next week.Wondering if they will debut a new O/O.   Fingers and toes crossed for a Lane or Abrera debut.


          Maybe, Sarah was not given a Medora as she is preparing O/O.

  9. 2 hours ago, abatt said:

    My what a turn of events.  So happy for Sarah.  Kochetkova  had a lot of problems at Don Q during week one, so I'm not surprised to hear that she is withdrawing from Giselle. 


    Not to wish anything bad on Kochetkova, but it's time to start praying for a Sarah Lane debut in Swan Lake in June.


    Best wishes to Murphy for a speedy recovery.


      Didn't she danced Swan Lake before with A. Corella'a Barcelona Ballet? 


  10. 1 hour ago, abatt said:

    I must give credit where it is due. Hee Seo successfully completed all of her Italian fouettes tonight.  Lendorf was better tonight than on Wed afternoon.  Shevchenko showed no signs of fatigue.  In fact, she was even more relaxed and into the performance than at her debut.


       It would have been  better if KevinMc came out during the curtain calls and announced Christine's promotion to principal dancer. Just a wish...

  11. 4 hours ago, Batsuchan said:

    I went to the matinee with Shevchenko/Lendorf as the leads and Teuscher/Hoven as Mercedes/Espada.  Shevchenko was fantastic!!  Gorgeous extension, really nice balances and lovely adagio dancing in Act II, and fouettes to die for (complete with opening/closing the fan) in Act III.  I was also very impressed with her characterization.  In the past, she hasn't struck me as having the biggest personality, but she really sold the character of Kitri this afternoon and had some nice chemistry with Lendorf.


    There were a few bobbles in the performance--some small partnering difficulties, and at the beginning of the Act III variation, she dropped her fan--but it some ways, it was more impressive than a perfect performance, because Shevchenko didn't let these little mishaps faze her at all.  If she was nervous, I couldn't tell.  As my friend said, it looked like she'd danced the role several times.


    I will write more later, but I also want to mention that Teuscher made a killer Mercedes and Queen of the Dryads.  I have never been so relaxed while watching Italian fouettes; it looked like Teuscher could've easily done another set of eight.  Rachel Richardson was an extremely charming Amour, and Zhiyao Zhang was a spectacular lead gypsy.  I hope to see him dance Don Q one day!

     Thanks for the report of today's matinee. Wish i could have seen it. Regarding Z Zhang, i'm sure, you meant his dancing of Basilio instead of Don Q in the future.

  12. 23 hours ago, mimsyb said:

    Perhaps you are right.  Going a day or so later also means one doesn't have to stand in line.  I walked right up and was done in less than ten minutes.  I think there may be some "hype" as to tickets selling out, etc.   I have never found that to be true.   Sometimes it's better to wait because then those tickets that are "exchanged" become available.  I'm sure someone was thrilled to get my exchanged ticket for Misty Copeland's "Don Q".

    Why? Is Misty's Don Q a sold-out already?Just curios.

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