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  1. I think I found it: "Each year, the Foundation presents the Princess Grace Awards to artists who show excellence and promise in the areas of theater, dance, and film. Students are eligible for scholarships; emerging artists working in companies qualify for apprenticeships and fellowships. A playwriting fellowship is available for individual artists through a residency at New Dramatists in New York City, which includes the opportunity to have the winning play be licensed and published by Samuel French, Inc. In addition to these, the Foundation also gives honorable mention grants to applicants through Honoraria."

    ITM, thanks for the info. i just presumed the Honoraria was a sort of stipend for the artist to do what she/he wants to further her/his career.

  2. ABT corps member, Paulina Waski ( with Cameron Mccune another corp member) danced Giselle for the first time in a " Studio to Stage" production at the Hartt school in Conn. This was staged and coached by Xiomara Reyes and Rinat Imaev. There are clips in Paulina's Facebook which showed a very promising debut. Xiomara did very well in staging and coaching .She should be added to the coaches/teachers at ABT

  3. Leslie Browne is the coquette in the PBS film with Baryshnikov. Van Hamel was not in this film.

    Someone above mentioned Kirkland being in this ABT SONAMBULA production. Kirkland was long gone from ABT by the mid/late 1980s. Perhaps Kirkland danced it at NYCB?

    By the way, that PBS film included a very young Julie Kent in a brief Siamese pdd with Gil Boggs, within the divertissements. It must have been her first year in the company.

    I think, Choriamb was referring to a video of Martine dancing the Balanchine Sylvia pdd with Patrick Bissell. Yes, Martine was gorgeous in that video.

  4. Now that the Met season is over, will we be getting a new edition of that wonderful post--Is it by Abatt? or someone else? My little gray cells fail me--that takes the measure of all the guest artists from the season now ended. It's the line-up that reads something like "Please come back" or "We love you but do not re-hire." (The latter I recall being in reference to Andy Veyette.) I would enjoy its return to Ballet Alert.

    Marianela Nunez, absolutely in the PCB group.

  5. The ballet was Black Tuesday, and yes, ABT missed the dark accents of PT's choreography. In fact I'd say a big problem with ABT when they perform PT is that they tend to take the Twyla Tharp approach to everything -- very athletic, "all-American," big smiles on the girls and swagger on the guys. Paul Taylor's dances are not just a testament to all-American swagger and athleticism.

    PTDC has a three week stay in NY at the Koch with very deflated prices (I've never paid more than $20 for a PTDC ticket). I really recommend watching PT dancers do PT.

    Isn't it the responsibility of the stager( usually a PTDC dancer) to correct whatever mistake the dancers are doing? Maybe, the ABT dancers are just following the stager/coach? Just a thought.

  6. Yes, definitely Lendorf as Colas. Also Lendorf would be excellent as Desire - the choreography of this version would suit him very well. Basically, yes to anything Lendorf is doing.

    Would also like to see what Gorak might do with Colas, and also Cornejo.

    Yes to the three of them but i hope joseph will be strong enough for the one arm lifts at the end of the picnic PDD (act 1?).

  7. Ballet is stereotypically, and historically seen as being for thin, white dancers. Misty is saying you don't have to look like that to be successful in the art form. I don't really see what's so confusing or offensive about the video.

    Btw, per Forster's Instagram, it was Leanne's last performance 5 days ago during the Swan Lake run. Sad to see her go and sad that she didn't get more opportunities. She was a lovely dancer. Wonder if she'll continue elsewhere or if she's retiring from dance entirely.

    She had a severe injury/surgery which she never fully recovered. She was wonderful in Giselle(Moyna?) and was scheduled as the Lilac Fairy in the old SB.Good Luck to her. She will be missed.

  8. Boylston can dance rings around both Copeland and Seo. Her main issue is lack of polish in her upper body/arms. Boylston is a formidable talent with rock solid technique almost all of the time.

    Stuben, nothing in your post was remotely hateful or evidence of being on a hate bandwagon.happy.png

    Surely that can be corrected / polish...or can it?

  9. I think Misty as Sylvia is a great idea. It's a beautiful ballet that is probably one of ABT's least selling productions. It would be great if Misty could introduce her fans to a ballet that doesn't have the same name recognition as Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet. Plus, I think the ballet would, for the most part, suit her technical strengths and temperament.

    If Sylvia is programmed next year, I'll have my fingers crossed that Part will be cast in it again. She was beautiful in this role -- and especially sensuous and fun in the grotto scene. Her only issue was being too tall to crouch under the corps girls' bows in Act 1. Next time, I suspect she'll duck lower! Can you imagine a Bolle/Part Sylvia? Just the thought of that makes me swoon...

    Who partnered Veronika in her last Sylvia? T Forster would be a good partner for her if Bolle /or Gomes is not available next time.

  10. As lovely as Hee Seo's performance was on Monday, Murphy was on an entirely higher level last night. Her Act II solo was thrilling. As the music swelled, her speed in doing a series of jumps and turns increased, and the elevation of her jumps increased. It made me realize that the music must have been slowed down for Hee on Monday, who was much more careful and slower. Murphy is at her peak, and she is a great interpreter of Ashton. See her if you can in this.

    How was A Hammoudi?

  11. I went last night. Seo was lovely, although I thought she had a tendency to soften the choreography. Stearns was in fine form and looked positively dashing. No problem for him carrying Hee down the stairs in the last act. His difficult solo was a little strained, but overall well done. Part was a gorgeous Godmother. The four fairies were Copeland, Shevshenko, Brandt and Hamrick. Brandt in particular made a stunning impression with her speed. Salstein and Zhurbin were great fun as the stepsisters. Balcony and family circle were very full.

    There are 126 people on Ballet Alert right now or within the last 10 minutes. Is that a record, Helene?

    When KMc and ABT does something right and exciting, people will be interested and excited.

  12. I thought it might be Copeland's year; hoped against hope that it would be Abrera's year; and expected Trenary, Brandt, and Forster to rise in a few seasons. But I NEVER foresaw Paris and Scott getting the recognition they deserve for their wonderful stagecraft: that is so utterly brilliant!!! And we get Lendorf as the icing on the cake! Congratulations to all!

    (I'll agree with a few other posters: Gorak and Baca are still on the rise. I think the lack of action this year was more a matter of letting them get more principal and soloist roles under their belts before exposing them to all the expections that a promotion would entail. I suspect Royal and Shayer are still on the make too: they're just early in the game of acquiring soloist roles/stage time in the classical rep.)

    Kevin McKenzie, you have renewed my faith in you.

    I must add April Giangeruso to the list of future soloist. She was terrific as one of the fairies in SB.

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