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  1. Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard Well maybe this could be used as an excuse for being off the music...you're just dancing to music that is "out of this world." Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad....
  2. Crystette325, I understand the financial battle! I would never have purchased the tape if I had not received a generous Father's Day gift from my in-laws and been told to spend it on something fun that I really wanted. Maybe you could ask for it as a gift...birthday or other occasion on the horizon?
  3. Have you looked at the videos available from Finis Jhung? They are considerably more expensive than anything else I have seen ($60 per tape) but I heard from other dancers that the "instruction" was in a league of its own. So, I purchased one video recently and I have to agree with all of the recommendations I received. Here is the link: Finis Jhung Website Best wishes in balancing your time and finances! Disclaimer: I am not a fan of instructional videos/ do-it-yourself training in general. I did not purchase the tape with "self-training" in mind (although his tapes could serve that p
  4. Not to distract from the original intent of this thread but I would have to nominate "http://www.balletalert.com/forum" as the ballet capitol of the world (actually the title does ask "what" not "where" is this capitol) . BalletTalk [*]The best students come here to be polished. [*]The place where the leading critics -- the most knowledgeable, traveled and persnickety critics -- write. [*]Where the great choreographer/company is. (the "company" is certainly great and who knows which great choreographers are lurking out there) [*]Stars come to visit. [*]We host "Major" events everyday.
  5. Odette, I know that an album called Ballet Gala: Pas De Deux exists but I don't know if it is easily available. Amazon.com has the details about it here: Ballet Gala: Pas De Deux The tracks included are: 1. Pas De Deux (Don Quixote) 2. Blue Bird Pas De Deux (The Sleeping Beauty) 3. Pas De Deux (The Nutcracker, Act II) 4. Pas De Deux (Paquita) 5. Pas De Deux (La Esmeralda) 6. Pas Classique 7. Pas De Deux (Flower Festival In Genzano) 8. Pas De Deux (Le Corsaire) Definitely not "all or most" of the of the great pas de deux but it is a nice collection.
  6. I found this site while doing a Google search for "Adult Summer Ballet Intensives". That was just a few days ago and I have already found a wealth of helpful information on many boards besides the original one I landed on. My thanks go out to the entire BalletTalk community for building and maintaining such a wonderful resource.
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