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  1. That's assuming the affected were senior dancers.
  2. Sorry, but no. It was Saskia Beskow and Rebecca Krohn as the demi's in Scotch.
  3. I believe it only matters as a source of gossip. -Balanch
  4. You're absolutely right, SoloistMom! -Balanch
  5. The photos were obviously shot in a studio especially for this article.
  6. The first page of the article shows Carla Korbes in penche, partnered by Seth Orza, with her crotch a foot away from the camera. A quote in the upper-left corner of the picture says,"I might wear a dance belt, but I can still slap an ass and pinch some titties." This wonderful quote is later attributed to Henry Seth. When he's later discussing the girls of the Company, he adds,"We get to indulge. We've got the pick of the litter and no one knows it." Later in the story, Charles Askegard starts to relay a story about visiting a strip club, but is hushed by wife Candace Bushnell. Seth Orza ends the story by answering the question of what it's like to bed a girl who can lift her leg to her head..."Let's just say there are a lot more positions."
  7. It's the March issue. Owen Wilson is on the cover. Balanch
  8. Has anyone else seen the latest issue of Details Magazine. It includes an incredibly offensive article on the "Straight Men" of New York City Ballet. With the language used by some of the dancers, and the way it portrays the girls in the Company, I can't believe this is something NYC Ballet is proud of. Balanch
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