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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I would never have found it without you. I visited Denmark six years ago and saw the Royal Danish Ballet perform a program of La Sylphide and Etudes one night, and then Et Folkesagn a few nights later. Sorry to say, but the Sylphide and Etudes I saw were disappointing. I am of Danish heritage, and I was so excited to actually be in Copenhagen and see them perform Bournonville's famous Sylphide at Det Kongelige Teater! I had seen a wonderful version of it on DVD, and now I was going to see it for real. The dancing itself was fine, but the costumes and especially the set were so awful and destructive to the story that it was a major let down. At the time, I had never heard of Et Folkesagn, but I went since I was in town and it was available. It was a complete about face from the previous experience. What a coup! The kind of performance that sucked you right out of yourself into another world. Simply capital. That is one night I will always remember and a great highlight of my time in Denmark. I didn't think I would be likely to ever see that again, but that video is just as I remember it.
  2. Yes, I am in hog heaven with all of the recent digital streaming. I do travel and see live ballet a few times per year. Unfortunately, my next live ballet was postponed (the Bolshoi in Chicago), but thankfully it hasn't been altogether cancelled. The Ballet in Cinema is also a great boon for people like me. Without something inexpensive and accessible like that, I'm not sure my initial fascination would have been nourished to maturity. Similar to what happened in the cinema, this digital streaming is also exposing some of these companies to a much wider audience, which I think may benefit them in the long run.
  3. Hi, I have been perusing your site on occasion for several years now. I keep coming back, because I appreciate the thoughtful and knowledgeable discussions available here. Perhaps even more useful, I have found out about several events and opportunities that I may have missed otherwise. This forum has been a valuable resource for me, so I figured it is about time that I expressed some gratitude. Regarding myself, I am a very unlikely ballet enthusiast. It is all but unknown in my locale and among my acquaintances, and I stumbled into it quite accidentally. That was about 10 years ago, but since then it has ensconced itself in my affections and become one of my principal interests and hobbies. Thank you all for publicly sharing your thoughts, insights, and notifications of events. Scott
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