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  1. Joy posted a vlog update! Sounds like freelancing was getting to be too grueling and stressful. Just inferring here but she probably was thinking the stability of company life would lessen some pressures. She is dancing in Nutcracker but didn’t mention specifics. A very nice update for those who have been following the vlogs.
  2. I tried listening to Joy’s new podcast but I could only get through a couple minutes. I am not interested in the other dancer Sage. When she started talking about favorite guitar tab app I tuned out. I was just wondering if Joy talked about how she came to Boston Ballet. I was a follower of her vlog and she had done a vlog not too long ago about how she would always dance in Russia because there were so many more performance opportunities for dancers there than in the US. I was surprised when she joined a US company and wondering if she elaborated on that anywhere. I know she has bounced around a bit and I hope she has found a great company where she can flourish.
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